Finding Peace
It's . . . Bow Time!

Bring It!

Hello, December!


I'm so happy you're here.  Oh, I know.  There have been other years where I have dreaded your arrival and maybe even cursed your name.  This year, though?  This year I welcome you with open arms.

You see, I'm ready for a little merry-and-bright.  And we all could use some peace-on-earth-goodwill-toward-men (that's for sure).

So.  December. . .

I long for your sparkle (to keep me smiling).

I await your lights (to brighten the dark spots).

I seek your wonder (to help me believe).

I need your hope (to keep me moving forward).

I wish for your joy (to add fun to my days).

I crave your peace (to blanket us all).

Hey, December?



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PS - Today's photo is a winter shot from a past year.  Today it is cloudy and gloomy and rain/snowing and generally not good for photos.





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I'm always in awe of your approach to things, Kym. I've been known to feel sorry for myself on too many occasions, but you've brightened my world considerably with your reminders of lights, hope, joy, and peace. Wishing all those things for you in December and throughout 2017.


I love this list - beautiful words


May December bring all this and more in abundance to you! XOXO


Your take is perfect. Wishing that for you and Tom this December. xo


I love your list and I, too, am down for ALL OF THAT!!


Wishing you a wonderful December!


Oh--what a wonderful list! Here's to a wonderful December!


This is my favorite thing I've read today.

I hope December treats you well - you're clearly ready for it. :-)


This is absolutely perfect.


Your list is a perfect reminder of the fun and beauty of December!


The picture is a perfect December sky. May you be blessed by this season of wonder.


I so agree that the December merriment is needed this year. Last night I spent at the Wadsworth Atheneum Festival of Trees Night of Illumination. The oldest museum in the US was decked garland and trees donated by groups, companies and individual. Two choirs sang carols, dancers performed, and a d.j. played. Food was plenty and the mini cupcakes oh so delicious! The wine flowed and the mood was festive. This is my 7th year participating in the organization of the 9 day event and the best is yet to come!


Wishing all of that for you (and everyone else) this December - bring it on indeed!!


Love how you captured the blue-lavender-pink sky, Kym. Nature does gradients better than anybody.

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