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Recipe for a Successful Thanksgiving


Since Thanksgiving 1979*, Tom and I have been cooking and celebrating our holiday feast together.  (So many years . . . of turkey and stuffing and cranberries and pie.)  

Our tried-and-true recipes show the wear and tear of decades of Thanksgiving use.  (This is the only stuffing I've ever made -- first tried in 1981 and still in the turkey 35 years later.)


We've pretty much got it down to a science by this point.  In fact, our Thanksgiving menu is so entrenched that I dare not change a thing!  From time to time, I've suggested a new sweet potato recipe or rebelled by trying a different cranberry sauce.  Nope.  The family is not having it!  (But, Moooom.  I loooove those sweet potatoes.)

So, as the big day approaches, it's time to fire up the Thanksgiving Machine.


Our "recipe" for Thanksgiving?

  • Plan ahead.  (Order a fresh turkey in early November -- and don't forget to order extra legs!)
  • Stay organized.  (We keep all of our Thanksgiving recipes together in one file, so we know just where they are.)
  • Create a timetable.  (When to do what, from a couple of weeks out until the big day.)
  • Make a master shopping list.  (And shop early enough that the crowds aren't last-minute crazy.)
  • Do what you can ahead of time.  (So much less frustrating.)
  • Enlist help.  (Much easier these days, with so many capable adults.)
  • Stay out of each other's way.  (And watch out for dog-helpers.)
  • Laugh often.  (Because something will always be . . . funny.)

Most of all?  Have fun -- and enjoy the time with family and friends!


* In our earliest years, we did spend a couple of Thanksgivings at our respective "family tables".  But for the most part?  We've been cooking it our way -- and loving it!


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