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A Question Worth Asking


Let's just start by saying this is not the post I wrote in my head yesterday. 

(And this is not the photo I planned for the post I wrote in my head yesterday, either.  But a decaying leaf from my garden seems appropriate, somehow.)


Like so many others this morning, I'm struggling to make sense of what happened yesterday.  To understand how I can be walking among so many Americans who are so clearly . . . walking in a different world from me.

Call me an idealist, but I really didn't think I lived in a country that would reward such blatant ignorance!  I've always known I lived in a place that is comfortable with misogyny and racism, but one always can hope for growth and development.  Y'know?  But this ignorance thing?  It's only going to get us in trouble.


I'm trying to get my head around . . . what now?

As I lay in bed last night . . . fretting . . . and not sleeping, one thought kept playing over and over in my head.

What's going to become of us?

And then, I remembered something a friend said recently:  When you find yourself asking that question, sometimes it's best to flip it around and ask a different question.

What are we going to become?

For some reason, flipping that question around this morning has helped me.  (Not much.  Just sayin.)

I think we need to finish feeling all our feels -- for as long as that takes.  (But not too long.  Just sayin.)  And then we need to pick ourselves up and figure out how to move forward. 

Because this can't be the end of the story.

What are we going to become?  I think that's a question worth asking.


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I love that sentence...this can't be the end of the story. xo


I love this! And, it pairs so well with the Bonhoeffer quote that I cannot get out of my head this morning: “We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice, we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself.”

What are we to become? I do not know, but perhaps new spokes in the wheel is a good place to start!


You have put into words so beautifully what many of us are feeling this morning. After a sleepless night, I've been feeling pretty cranky and hopeless this morning, but the suggestion that we turn our thoughts to what we can become gives me a glimmer of hope.


Once I can get my self to stop crying, I think that we have to stand as one with every individual who is in any way threatened by our soon to be president. I have to believe that in the end, love will win and hatred will be crushed.


Thank you for providing a new way for me to view this. I'm taking some tiny bit of solace in the fact that we live in a country where 150,299 more people voted against ignorance than those supporting it. A small majority, yes, but still a majority that can help us make what are we going to become better.


I definitely feel the need to do something (when I'm finished feeling hopeless, crying, throwing up), but I'm rather reserved and have never been very active in politics or anything like that... I will really be looking for some guidance and suggestions on exactly what I can do and how.


We are going to become empowered. We are going to find a woman to run and win and become our president. We are going to be strong and prevail. (I don't know if I believe all of that just now but I'm putting it out there anyway because intentions matter.)


Thank you I needed that this morning. I will put a smile on my face and work hard to be strong in the face of what will be

Sue N

I felt like this after the UK Brexit vote, and this is Brexit times a billion. i can't get my head round why people who vote that way think that way but then they probably think the same about me.

It's done, wehave to get on with it, the sun will rise. But I still can't listen to the news.


Ryan is speaking and extolling a unified Republican government. That is really scary. Like you, I had a miserable night. I have been anxiety riddled for a long time and frankly, it's even worse now.


I keep telling myself that I am still here and I still count and I can still do something.

Right now, I'm not sure if I believe it. But where there is life there is hope, and I'm clinging to both right now.

Take care.


I watched Hillary come on stage this morning, with a smile on her face and a bounce in her step. And I listened to her speech - and I sat there telling her, at one point, don't cry Hillary, don't you cry...
and she didn't - she stayed strong. I, however, put my head in my hands and sobbed...
She would have made a fantastic President - I have no doubt in my mind about that.
I don't know what is next for her, but it will be something positive and good, I know....
I'm scared right now, I'm sick to my stomach right now - and I don't know if things will ever be ok again.. or at least not for the next 4 years.... I sort of feel, that for the next 4 years, I really have no President...

Linda in VA


Well said. As someone who was in college in the 60s, I remember times that were much worse. We need to stand for our values, but we also need to try to understand where people who think differently are coming from.


Those who talk of moving to other countries...WE NEED YOU HERE. Anyone who ever said Hilary was weak, is a fool. That woman is pure titanium. Thank you for your words and turning the thing around.


Today was beyond renching. I could barely comprehend that all I valued about this country has been upended. Until... I went to a meeting at an area museum I volunteer at. A new member of our group spoke of how she was walking to the museum when she spotted an individual who looked a bit confused. She immediately went up to them and asked if she could help them.Turns out they were on their way to the museum as well for a visit. They walked together chatting about the exhibits, etc. It then hit me that our path is simple, kindness. We individuals collectively are more than one man. By the power of our actions and deeds we are able to overcome.


Feeling better physically this morning after some sleep (and that shower helped, too :-) Still processing it all, and posts like this one...friends like you... are helping. Thank you!


Thank you.


For once, I am happy to be a stoic Scandinavian. I do not seem to be feeling this as badly as some. I feel scared for those who are not straight white male Christians, and worried and upset and depressed. But I am not The (Main) Enemy in the sights of the alt-right. i fear for those who are.


At the moment I can only focus on the now, otherwise my heart just goes dark.

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