Trick or Treat
Forty Shades of Green


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So nice! And you're all bundled up perfectly. I've had the hat and gloves going on the evening dog walks. But the days are still spectacular! Keep 'em coming!


This looks perfect - leaves, lovely scenery, exercise that is fun, and friends along for the ride. It doesn't feel too cold here yet, more like brisk and crisp. Just how I like it!


November! That seems like crazy talk... and yet here we are, and you're still riding your bike!! (I much prefer riding when the weather is cool.) It's supposed to be 68F here today!


What a pretty spot for a bike ride! It's turned too cold too fast here but the light is lovely on the leaves, at least.


That crisp fall air really gets me invigorated! What a lovely setting for a bike ride!


Kym! Your pictures are so lovely. Autumn weather has been good to us all. Today it's turned cold and even trying to rain. I'm so excited for all the great reading I'll have to do in November!


well darn it - was it too cold for flip flops once your ride was done?! what a lovely path for a bike ride...lovely friends, too!


Wow... gorgeous photos! It was well into the 70's here today and we took a nice long walk this afternoon. And, they are saying tomorrow will be a repeat of that, so I am hoping for a nice long walk tomorrow too!


What a wonderful trail--it would be nice to have a lovely trial where one could actually breathe!


Beautiful foliage pictures. And good for you and your friends to take advantage of the "still nice enough to ride" weather. I really must get out and take some (brisk) walks before the New England weather is still nice.

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