Right Now - October 2016
Welcome November!

Trick or Treat

I'm ready!


My days of dealing with hyper-excited kids - eager for one of their favorite nights of the year - are now in the long-ago past.  But remembering those days is fun!


Cleopatra and Zorro, circa 1998.

Hope your day is full of treats!
Happy Halloween.


Tomorrow begins NaBloPoMo.  I'm in.  Join me?


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Happy Halloween! And not leaning in that direction...but may make some attempt to be around! :-)


Ooh, you got the good candy! I had to buy Butterfingers and Smarties so I wouldn't eat them all. Cleopatra and Zorro look great!


Happy Halloween! And, we are ready at our house too! I love Cleopatra and Zorro, Haha! Perfect! And, yes, I am in for NoBloPoMo! Bring it!!

gale zucker/she shoots sheep shots

We've been doing Halloween for 3 days, somehow the holiday has grown in the last decade or so. Pre-school party on friday, decorating the porch/yard on Saturday, annual neighborhood Night Before Parade on Sunday. Sugar season is in high gear! This sounds alittle complain-y but it is not. As always, I just wish I hadmore time to sit back and enjoy it all before the next thing happens. Whatever the next thing is!


We bought, of course, a giant bag of candy from Costco and we'll probably get 5 trick or treaters. Have fun!


Rusty brought home one sorry little bag of Reese's Pieces the other day... I'm sure that's not enough!! We are NOT ready! ;) Happy Halloween!


The basement and Young Frankenstein will be my evening fun (no Smith tonight). We never get kids at the condo.


There sure cute little hyper children! You are a brave woman--I avoided the chocolate because I have no self control.


Oh how I miss those days! Our neighborhood has grown older and we have no more truck or treaters. I wait for the pics from the grandchildren for my Halloween fun.
Happy Halloween!


What an adorable pair! 18 years?! (really?!) Looks like you had the same candy mix that Katie did - curious...were those mint patties a favorite?

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