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Juggling On a Friday

I really can't believe it's the middle of October already.  

Thankfully, we've had several very nice fall days lately.  Lovely afternoons where I can sit in my swing for a few minutes and . . . well . . . just pull things together in my head.

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Which is a good thing.  Because I've got a lot of stuff going on right now.  

Many, many balls in the air.

(And if you don't happen to hear from me for a day or two?  It probably just means I got hit in the head with one of my flying objects...)

(Such was the case yesterday.)

Have a great weekend.  (I'll be remembering that last year at this time . . . I was at Rhinebeck!




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I was just thinking today, man, I wish Kym was just a car ride away. I wish we could hang, my friend. Good luck with those flying objects, I know you'll manage it all just fine.


No worries. We understand. There have been some lovely afternoons for savoring the warmth, sunshine and last of my roses. Will channel some Rhinebeck vibes your way as I wade through the crowds on a fibery high!


That's a lovely photo .... very evocative of that "quiet moment on a warm Fall afternoon" vibe you're describing. Enjoy.


Beautiful photo - and I suggest a helmet to avoid stray flying objects! And, Rhinebeck... I will have some envy this weekend for sure!! XO


I do hope that all the balls in the air can soon be placed down gently and that it doesn't come to this: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/10/13/497824938/man-juggles-for-an-entire-marathon-without-a-single-drop
Hope you have a great fall weekend with some swing-sitting time.


Sending good balancing juju your way and some time to relax and remember. xo


Your spot looks like the perfect place to avoid flying objects or to, at least, recover from being hit. Sending positive thoughts your way! You'll navigate just fine! xo


I can relate, my friend! Good luck with the balls (and if one does hit you, I hope it's a soft one ;-) Happy Weekend!

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