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Such a Treat

The weather this fall has been just incredible!

Oh, we've had some chilly days and some rain, but - for the most part - we've had warm-ish temperatures and a good share of sunshine.

Here it is, the last week in October, and I still have some of my containter plants outside!

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I still enjoy sitting in my garden swing every day, and we're still having drinks-on-the-patio as often as we can manage it.

Shoot -- I'm still wearing my flip flops!

What a wonderful fall!  Such a treat. . . 


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Each year I try to prolong the turning on of the heat for as long as possible; I think that you can measure a wonderful fall by how long you can wear your flip flops. Hope you can make it to Halloween!


I wish I could say the same. Things have taken a decidedly chilly turn around here. Damn.


I love these Fall days- warm sunshine and crisp, cool nights. I just got home from a nice walk with my dog and all I want to do is sit on the patio with a good book and soak up all the goodness!


The autumn weather has created a beautiful palette of color everywhere. You seem to be making the most of it.


The autumn weather has been much the same for us. The weekend was spectacular, but today has taken to clouds and rain. However, we have no complaints!


Same here! I can't believe it's the end of October!


I for one am happy it has finally felt cool! Summer and I are not really friends, so I spend the whole summer season waiting for cooler temps. :-)


Warm sunshine in late October is certainly a beautiful sight! Hope it lasts at least a few more days .... let's soak it up while we can!


I live in the northeast corner of Massachusetts, almost on the NH border. We are definitely starting to have cooler days - in fact there 's a chance of a little snow later in the week. But last Wed., it was a sunny 80 degrees, and it was WONDERFUL!!


Sadly, we had to finally give in a kick the heat on Saturday. It was only in the 40's cold, rainy, and windy. No sun to warm the house meant that the heat was turned on (however briefly) to take the chill out. But, Sunday in the 70's was such a treat!

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