Friday Mailbag
Will Ya Be Havin' a Pint? (Part I)

Still On the Patio

As the temperatures drop, I have been wanting one of those groovy-looking patio heaters.  You know the ones?  Tall.  Sleek.  Attractive.

Because . . . I want to stay out on the patio, enjoying drinks and snacks and looking at the garden . . . in my flip flops . . . for as long as possible.

So I sent Tom to Lowes.

And he came back with a perfectly serviceable, function-over-form propane tank-top heater.

FullSizeRender 92

Not even a little bit attractive.

But you know what?  It WORKS.

As the sun went down and the temperature dipped into the low 50s, Tom and I enjoyed our drinks and snacks and conversation on the patio.  Without coats.  Without blankets.  



JPEG image-A42C7112D200-1

Thanks, Mr. Heater!


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Oh my gosh, I burst out laughing. I love it! Perhaps I need to send Steve on a similar task!! LOL


We love having a heater on the deck, it really extends the season. I'm glad you have one now!


We have the fake fire thingy but I have a feeling we may meet Mr. Heater soon! :-)


Nice! I hope you enjoy these nice Autumn evenings!


Flip flops 4-ever!! Oh, how I wish...


Oh my! How much fun is that! The weekend was a bit gloomy here so the deck was a no go. I'm hoping we can squeeze in some deck time this week. Could be a stretch tonight we have a frost warning!


Perfect! I've been thinking about getting a little heater for our porch...but I'll bet he wouldn't look as "hot" as yours ;-)


Wow! These heaters look amazing!

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