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One Morning in Ireland

My sister and I booked a private tour with a driver one morning in Dublin.  His name was Kieran, and he was just delightful.  After giving us several options of possible drives we could do in or around Dublin, we chose to drive south . . . stopping in a few coastal towns and ending up at (you guessed it. . . ) a world-renowned garden at Powerscourt Estate.


We stopped for a bit of a walk in Dalkey, a charming seaside resort town.  (And, according to Kieran, a very desirable - but very pricey - suburb of Dublin.)


It was quite early in town that morning, and the weather was a bit gloom-ish.  Things were very quiet.

But absolutely charming!


We would've loved to visit this shop, but it was closed.  (Best sign ever, non?)


Bono lives in Dalkey; we saw his driveway. . . and his "local" (pictured below).  (Apparently, author Maeve Binchy lived and wrote just down the street from the pub.)


Dalkey Island is just off the shore . . . 


The island is close enough that people regularly row or kayak out and spend the day -- climbing the tower, exploring the shoreline, having a picnic, etc.  Kieran regaled us with tales of kayaking bachelor's parties!


He also mentioned that there are dolphins in the waters here, but we didn't see any during our visit.


We drove further down the coast . . . to Powerscourt.  As we drove, the clouds were getting heavier and heavier!


I figured we'd be visiting another garden in the midst of rainstorm. . .  

(and, really . . . Ireland is THAT green!)

No worries, though.  We got through all of Powerscourt before the rain hit.

My first view. . . 


and then . . . looking back up at the estate house from the pond.


There was a marvelous Japanese garden. . . 


with a gorgeous little moss-y grotto. . .


(Seriously . . . The Green.)

I was kind of giddy . . . 


There was a Pet Cemetery . . . 


All of the family's beloved pets were buried here -- dogs, cats, ponies, even a cow!  The headstones were so sweet . . . 


The gardens were spectacular.

Unspecified (1)

The grounds were over the top!  (Kieran told us not to miss the 3-D garden gate.)

Unspecified (1)

And, in the end, the sun even came out!  (But only briefly.)

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It was a wonderful morning in Ireland!









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What an amazing country! One day I do hope to get there.


Wow. Just wow! How incredibly stunning! Thank you, thank you for sharing! (And, I love the pet cemetery!!)


I am stunned by all the beauty! When even the boats and moss are picturesque, you know you're in someplace special. We have some rusty, falling apart iron driveway gates, so I'm going to suggest to John that we design the replacements like that 3-D gate (if only!). The last angel photo brings tears to my eyes. Thanks so much for sharing!


Spectacular! I think it is so hard to represent that green isn't it!


Did you see any fairies?


You took in so much in just a day. I love the 3-D gate, but everything is so lovely! Wow! That green!


Oh how I love those places!

(It's always a good morning for me when I'm in Ireland ...)


Your pictures are gorgeous, once again, and I feel like I was right there with you. (I wish I had been.)

Julia in KW

Any sunny day in the United Kingom is a beautiful day!


what a lovely morning - those pops of color really shine against the green (and sometimes gloomy skies :-) ... y'all packed a lot in!


Oh my goodness, that garden is spectacular!!

Sue N

Even compared to England Southern Ireland always strikes me as being greener, it really is 'lush'.

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