Will Ya Be Havin' a Pint? (Part I)
Juggling On a Friday


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Holding on for dear life. Kind of like us sometimes huh? xo


Things are looking rather bleak in my perennial bed but the tomatoes are still going strong and the container gardens are providing a bit of color, too.


It sure is pretty, even if slightly bedraggled. :)


WAAHHH! Oh Brave little flower! XO


it's still pretty - but it doesn't look like it can hold out much longer :-( I haven't seen blooms like that around here for weeks....


I have a soft spot for flowers (and people) that keep standing and blooming as long as they can.


How can it be over already!? Our neighborhood is still full of flowers--the anemones especially beautiful.


And a beauty it is! Speaking of beauty, I am in Estes Park right now and the mountains are just spectacular. The weather has been just cold enough to turn the leaves but not enough to cause them to drop!

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