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Closed for the Season

Last spring, I started knitting this sweater with this yarn.  I envisioned a nice, little summer layer -- light and breezy and easy to toss on over summer t-shirts and tank tops.  I thought I might even pack it along for my trip to Scotland and Ireland.


Life intervened.

And the project languished.

I picked it up again this fall, and . . . half-heartedly . . . kept plugging away at All. That. Ribbing.


Now, I happen to be one of those "monogamous" knitters.  I cast on for a project . . . and then I just keep on knitting until I finish.  (Mostly, this works for me.) 

But this time?  Not so much.  

I decided that I'm not in the mood to finish this project right now.  Because I won't wear it until spring anyway.  No matter what.


But I brought it to a good stopping-spot:   I got everything finished except the sleeves.

I've packed it away until . . . oh . . . March or April.  Then, I'll pick it back up, knit the sleeves, weave in the ends, and . . . voilà!

I'll have a whole new spring sweater.


But not now.

Closed for the season, sure.

But not forever!

(Ravelry details, such as they are, here.)