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Closed for the Season

Last spring, I started knitting this sweater with this yarn.  I envisioned a nice, little summer layer -- light and breezy and easy to toss on over summer t-shirts and tank tops.  I thought I might even pack it along for my trip to Scotland and Ireland.


Life intervened.

And the project languished.

I picked it up again this fall, and . . . half-heartedly . . . kept plugging away at All. That. Ribbing.


Now, I happen to be one of those "monogamous" knitters.  I cast on for a project . . . and then I just keep on knitting until I finish.  (Mostly, this works for me.) 

But this time?  Not so much.  

I decided that I'm not in the mood to finish this project right now.  Because I won't wear it until spring anyway.  No matter what.


But I brought it to a good stopping-spot:   I got everything finished except the sleeves.

I've packed it away until . . . oh . . . March or April.  Then, I'll pick it back up, knit the sleeves, weave in the ends, and . . . voilà!

I'll have a whole new spring sweater.


But not now.

Closed for the season, sure.

But not forever!

(Ravelry details, such as they are, here.)


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After the ice cream place closes for the season, it's always fresh and exciting when it reopens in the spring. Clever you, ensuring that you'll most likely feel that way when you pick up your almost-completed sweater again in the spring!


That's alot of ribbing. You'll be up for it again after a break!


I think that is a smart thing to do - and I bet those sleeves will go quickly and it will be the perfect harbinger for spring!


Great idea. So what's your new project??


Nice! I like the swing! :-)


I run around...around...around. Can't seem to do the monogamy thing--kudos to you for going fo th finish!


Oh, that's going to be nice next spring! Smart of you to take it to a good stopping point... half the battle with picking up a languishing project is figuring out where you left off!


project monogamy! That's me all the way. Every now and then I add a "travel" project if the one Im working on gets too much, but generally I get stressed with too many on the needles. It looks like it will be great next spring when you finish it up,what are you going to make in the mean time?


By then you'll be so excited for summer you'll finish the top in no time! Good plan.


For everything there is a season and a time to knit. Perhaps on one of those winterdays you can pull this project out and think spring!

gale zucker/she shoots sheep shots

I totally get this. If I can't have the immediate gratification of wearing the sweater(or whatever kind of thing I am working on) a lot when it's done, then I put it away until a time when the finishing happens in the right season.
It's looking pretty cute though!


You know I'm one to knit whatever whenever, and I think you're monogamy is admirable! But I'm glad you set this one aside - it's going to be wonderful to pull it out next February or March and get serious about finishing ...because you'll be able to wear it! (and yes, can't wait to see what you're going to knit next!!)

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