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Boxes of History

I have a new project . . . and it's a Biggie!  

For the past couple of weeks, I've been helping my dad clear through closets.  In the process, we've discovered boxes and boxes of old photos and papers and stacks of photo albums.  

They're now pretty much stacked and piled up on my dining room table.


I spent a few hours over the weekend sifting and sorting.  (And, really, I've only made a tiny dent in the pile. . .  There is much more sorting to do!)

I'm finding so many surprises.

For example, I never knew my dad played the piano!


Yet . . . there he is.

And my great grandfather - back in 1913 - bought the first power plow in the county for his farm.


I'm thinking I could get lost in these boxes for quite some time.



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now that looks like the best way to get lost. what treasures you're going to find!!


One of the best time sucks ever. Enjoy every minute. xo


After six months and 17 dumpsters, I was so tired of cleaning out my parents' house, but ... thank goodness for finding boxes of family photos. Love that tractor and plow! (People just don't seem to pose for pictures with their farm equipment any more.)


What an incredible way to spend some time! I love the tractor photo! What a fun fact! XO


I love old photos like that and I hope you are enjoying this process. What a lot of work, though!


What an innocent time. My husband may have had a few tractors in his family history. But alas no photos. The piano pictures are neat, too. Chloe


There is nothing like old photos to take one on a journey through time. Speaking of journeys, Estes Park was fabulous and I thought of you since you mentioned that you love Estes. The fall foliage was still evident n all its beauty.--so unusual in mid October. And the elk. We were staying at a complex called Glacier Lodge. As we drove from the meeting place to our cabin after dark, our headlights caught a huge bull elk and one of his girlfriends lying in the grass. Breathtaking!


Finding photos, seeing family history is a privileged and treat! Love the picture of the tractor and the accompanying article. I'm still trying to sort, digitize, and think I might put some into albums to thumb through.


OMG, that is my kind of surprise!! So wonderful -- and a great way to get lost for a while. My grandmother had many of her albums (and her mother's) readily available when I was young and I spent HOURS poring over those pages. I was so surprised years later when she brought out boxes full of photos that I never knew existed!!

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