Finding the Good
And . . . It's a Wrap!

Time Well Spent

We've returned from our whirlwind trip to Boulder.


Although not without its challenges, our time away proved restful and restorative.  It's always good to walk different paths, breathe different air, try some different beers . . .

and spend some time with people you love!


I'm so glad we were able to make the trip.  It was definitely time well spent -- and will serve me well in the coming days.  (Because I have some truly icky things coming up on my to-do list.)


Now, though?  I need to figure out how to create my own "mint room" -- because after the intense (and I do mean intense!) blast of peppermint aromatherapy during the Celestial Seasonings tour we took in Boulder, I know I need more . . . minty-freshness . . .  in my life.  Suggestions?


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In the 12 years I've been visiting Boulder I haven't been to Celestial Seasonings! That and the Schacht tour is on my to do list ! Keep the good in your heart!


I'm glad you had a good time, and got to spend time with your son and daughter-in-law.

I've got no suggestions for minty-ness. Well, none that would keep it going for any length of time.

Take care and know I'm thinking of you.


Maybe you can plant some mint if you don't already have a patch of your own? I also use lots of peppermint oil (a few drops on strategically-placed paper towels) around the house, and a few drops rubbed carefully on my temples and neck (sometimes mixed with lavender oil) helps to alleviate headaches and tension caused by truly icky things. Dr.Bronner's peppermint soap is by my kitchen sink, and Celestial's peppermint is my evening tea of choice. These aren't exactly the same as a mint room of your own, but they help! I'm holding you in the light while you deal with things. XO


Welcome back. The newlyweds are looking good! I can't help you with the mint but I can send warm thoughts and extra strength your way for the upcoming events. xo


I soak cotton balls in peppermint essential oil and strategically place to help repel mice! Is there a room -- or even just a small cupboard or cabinet that could be your "mint room"?

Thinking of you...


Sounds like a great trip and I'm SO glad you went. Sorry about the crappy stuff. I'm here if ya need me.


It sounds like you had a wonderful (if short) time! The above are all great minty suggestions, but one I find to be particularly wonderful is to put a few springs of mint in a bottle of water I keep in the refrigerator. It smells great and is a wonderful way to stay hydrated. Sending good thoughts your way XO


All your readers minty suggestions are wonderful. Especially the peppermint oil soaked cotton balls to repel mice--we have a crawl space under part of our house and every once in a while those nasty little critters decide to visit!

Sue N

Mint tea, fresh mint from the garden I like the Moroccan Mint variety it's somehow mintier! Bash a bit in the bottle of the mug then steep in boiling water, I leave the leaves in so it gets stronger as it cooks.

Thinking of you, walking with you in spirit through the icky things. Hugs xxx


Spending time with Brian and Lauren must have been so nice for you, as was the change of scenery. I hope the mint suggestions help you through the truly icky things. You are in my thoughts and I am always here to help you through however you think I can help. xox


I've never been to Boulder, but now you make me want to go and experience Celestial Seasonings-with or without mint. I've got no other suggestions to offer you on the minty front, but do want you to know that you're in my thoughts & prayers. May all the wonderful memories & experiences you had last weekend sustain you through the 'icky' stuff ahead.


My minty suggestion isn't very practical - but I live in mint country -- my uncles grow it, actually. I have great memories of bike rides up the West Wapato Road -- mint, hops, corn, dill, apples -- these are the smells of my childhood & youth. A trip to a mint farm is sweet. Hang in there - I'm sorry about the tough times.

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