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The Isle of Skye

About 6 weeks ago, I gave you the last installment of my travel tales -- leaving you hanging at the Highland Park distillery, chewing on some whisky.

But.  There is much more to tell about my trip to Scotland and Ireland.  Let's catch up, shall we?


After our day in Kirkwall, we sailed through the night . . . and woke up to this magical view. . . 


The Isle of Skye!

Now this . . . was just breathtaking!  I'm pretty sure we just stood out on our veranda and giggled!  Moody, broody Scotland . . . at its finest!

Our ship was actually anchored in the midst of a bay, surrounded by islands.  We took tender boats to shore -- to the city of Portree.


(That's our cruise ship, there in the far background.)  (Tender boat not pictured.)


The little town is charming . . . just like something out of a movie set or a storybook!

My sister and I had signed up for a group hike around the island.  We met up with our tour guide -- and set off!  The trail was pretty rustic -- muddy, boggy, and steep.  But just incredibly beautiful!   (Plus cows!  And sheep!)  (And no bathrooms.  At all.  I had to pee in the woods on the Isle of Skye. . . )

Here . . . I'll let my photos tell the story!


After our hike, we enjoyed some time hanging around in Portree -- a quite picturesque little town with excellent fish and chips!


(I kind of felt like I was in the middle of an episode of Doc Martin or something.)  (Although I know that show was not filmed/set in Scotland.  Just sayin.)

And this?  Here's my sister, in her handknit sweater from Kirkwall!  (In front of the pink building.  Because of course!  My sister love, Love, LOVED pink as a little girl.  And some things never change.)


Join me next week when I tell you all about our rainy afternoon in . . . Belfast, Northern Ireland!





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Lovely! (I love pink still too.) And I can't wait to hear about Belfast! I recently read a whole bunch about Gerry Adams and "the troubles". Fascinating stuff!


Oh, gorgeous! The moody... the broody... LOVE! We didn't spend much time in Portree, but talk about rustic... the trail up to the Old Man of Storr was all that! Plus wind and cold... it was MARVELOUS!! Haha. Can't wait to hear more. I love armchair traveling!


Your photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing them, but where's the one of you peeing in the woods?


Your photos (and the scenery itself, I'm sure) are incredible! I'm imagining "I had to pee in the woods on the Isle of Skye" as the chorus in some slightly bawdy fiddle song played at the pub with the excellent fish and chips. Can't wait for more!


Portee is such a charming little town...I had the best fish & chips at a pub there in 2005.

Julia in KW

Love Scotland. Inverness has a special place in my heart -because it was sunny there...two weeks driving around the country, top to bottom...and sun wins! But truly, loved the coast. We were on the isle of Mull for an extended time with family, but loved it all!


Your pics are gorgeous! You DID make me laugh out loud though when you said you>.... I expected to see pics of you peeing in the woods on the Isle of Skye!!!!!!.. guess my mind was not in the right place!! :)


What a lovely place. Even the pink building looks charming...especially with your sister standing in front!


Random reactions. Doc Martin was the fist thing that popped into my mind when I looked at the village photo. Maybe you should try to set a record of peeing in the woods on every continent!


Your pictures bring us the story of the Isle of Skye--really gorgeous shots of a romantic and beautiful place. Because of your last photo I can't help but fall in love with pink all over again! (The Isle of Skye makes me think of Donovan.)

Cheryl S.

Oh, wow. So incredibly beautiful!

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