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As an avid gardener, I notice gardens all the time -- whether they're parking lot plantings at the vet's office, professional plantings at the hospital, or lovely gardens in front yards all around town.

I especially appreciate the gardens I see day in and day out -- the lovely flower beds and and borders I pass every day in my neighborhood.  On the way to the grocery store.  On my walks with the dogs.  At the corner where I have to wait to turn left.

Lovely gardens.  Carefully tended.  With love and attention and time.

Except when they're not.


Weeds out of control.

Dead, spent blooms.

Grass creeping in everywhere.

Total garden chaos.

To me, these are telltale signs . . . that something is amiss in that gardener's world; in that usually lovely, well-tended garden space.

And I'm usually right.  Someone's husband is ill.  Someone has moved to assisted living.  Someone has lost their job.  Or taken a job.  Or had a baby.  Or adopted a puppy.  Someone is having chemo.  Or suffereing from depression.   Something . . . has disrupted the life of the gardener.

In a rather serious way.  And it shows . . . in their garden.


My own garden this year (pictured above) shows all the telltale signs. . . of a garden season disrupted.  

Of other priorities.  

Of things amiss.

FullSizeRender 92

You can find me out there every day now.  Weeding.  Deadheading.  Cutting back.

Restoring.  Reclaiming.

My garden.

(And a whole lot more.)


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May you and your garden be restored.
“The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul” ~ Alfred Austin


I'm happy that you're back to the garden and back to where you can work things out. One day at a time. xo


I know how working in your garden satisfies your body and soul and I hope that setting things right there will help you to settle things right in all of your now-changed world.


Sometimes, the best thing in the world is to be in communion with the earth. Healing times for body and soul. XO


THe garden as a metaphor for life's events is very moving. Call me crazy, but the wild tangle of some of these untended plots have their own kind of beauty. In my eyes. May your weekend have many moments of beauty and peace.


Wishing you a restorative reclamation weekend in the garden!! xo


So true. May your garden bring you peace.


As your garden is restored so may you be. You know that is truth. Sending you lovely fall days to help you set your out of kilter world upright. xox


Since I finally read The Outsiders this summer, I've been looking forward to your Stay Gold photos this fall. I'm delighted you're getting back into your garden and sending all my strong thoughts that you find your true self there again. Hugs, my friend.

Sue N

Lovely x

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