No Regrets
Like Never Before

Memorial Brew

Let me just start out by saying . . . my mom NEVER cared for beer.  

(She did like Baileys, though.  And the occasional glass of white wine.  And sometimes a nice, smooth merlot). 

Tom made it a personal quest to find a beer she would like.  He came close once, with a raspberry lambic.  But it really didn't stick.

Anyway, Tom got it in his head that we needed to brew a beer in memory of my mom.  Because the rest of the family (with the exception of Erin)?  Beer drinkers.

So Tom and my dad (who has never brewed beer before) set out to create a special IPA in honor of my mom.


It's been a good project for this phase of our lives.  Forward-thinking.  Active.  Interesting.  Exacting.  Distracting.  We all need that right now.  (And especially my dad needs that right now.)

Last night was bottling night.



(Tasting glasses at the ready.  Because of course.)



In honor and memory of my mom - Yvonne - they've decided to call this particular batch of beer. . . "YPA."

It should be at its peak . . . right around the time we all gather together for Thanksgiving and my mom's memorial service.

I think she'd be pleased.  And I know she'd raise her glass (of Baileys) in celebration!