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Fall Interlude I

Look Back and Think Ahead

This week for Ten on Tuesday - on the last official Tuesday of summer - Carole has us looking back at the five best things about our summer and ahead at five things we're looking forward to about fall.

Okay.  So it hasn't been the best of summers here in my world.  But . . . nestled among the angst and the sadness, there were some pretty brilliant moments.

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1 -- Carole and Dale came to visit Tom and I here in Michigan.

2 -- I went on a fabulous trip to Scotland and Ireland with my sister.  (Watch this space later this week, when my travel blogs begin again.  I still have much to share about our trip.)

3 -- Erin visited for what was supposed to be a week, but turned into nearly two.  (And at a very critical time.  She was an angel.)

4 -- Tom and I visited Brian and Lauren in Boulder.  (Thanks, Di.)

5 -- I was able to spend a lot of time with my mom, in what turned out to be the last months of her life.


As for fall?  I'm looking forward to the change of seasons this year.  Here's what I'm looking forward to:

FullSizeRender 92 copy 2

6 -- Spending a bit of time up north.  (I missed pretty much the whole summer at our cottage on the lake, but I can still spend a few wonderful fall weekends up there.)

7 -- Fall gardening.  Transplanting and cleaning up; maybe even preparing a new border for next spring. I think I might even buy some more bulbs.  (The question . . . Will I actually plant them???)

8 -- Planning my mom's memorial service and family Thanksgiving extravaganza.  (We're rolling it all into one big week.)

9 -- Convincing Tom to buy a bike.  (But don't hold your breath.)

10 -- Settling.  (I'm not sure exactly what this means . . . but I feel a powerful need to do it!)


How about YOU?  What was your best summer moment . . . and what are you looking forward to this fall?


Join the fun!  See what everyone else has to say here.




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I'm so sorry about your mom. How special that you got to spend a lot of time with her this summer. Your trip to Scotland and Ireland sounds lovely! I understand about feeling "settled". Be patient. Sometimes it takes a bit to get there.


Beautiful summer memories, each and every one - and your autumn anticipation will be good things also. My best summer thing was absolutely the garden. Most anticipated fall thing - visiting my kids. I. Can't. Wait!


Your mother was in the heart of a vibrant and loving family. She is a great representative of a life well lived. Your goal of settling is interesting. I hope you will blog about it more.


I'm sorry for the sadness this summer, but am glad that you did get to spend time with many of the most important people in your life. Fall does sound lovely, especially settling. I'm currently trying to settle into my life as it IS and not always wishing things were different, and it's beginning to make a difference for me.


I'm sorry your summer included sadness and upheaval but I'm glad there were some bright spots, too. I ordered a BUNCH of bulbs last spring when I was inspired by seeing them all everywhere. They haven't arrived yet but I will be planting them when they do - perhaps we can be accountable to each other to make sure we accomplish this task. So, settling. In terms of settling in for the winter? Or in terms of settling for not always doing things in a perfect and complete way?


Well, even if it was not a perfect summer, I'm glad there were good things in it.

And I hope your fall plans will all be good ones. Take care.


So sorry about your Mom. Here's hoping your Fall is beautiful. And Settling...yes, that should be on my list's a learning project for sure.


I hope you have a lovely fall up north (summer up north is great, but fall is where it's at!) and in the garden. I have a hunch that those two things will play a big part in the "settling," whatever that means.


Your summer was stressful and you had to do a lot of balancing the good and the bad. May your fall be one of rejuvenation, reflection and restoration.


I think Margene hit the nail on the head with her comment - that says settling to me. I hope that you are able to make that happen this fall, and that you and your family take comfort in each other at the memorial service/Thanksgiving.


Your Fall photo is such a lovely image - I can sense the peace...and know you'll feel it too. I was delighted to see that you're able to get Up North for a few weekends. It seems the perfect place. xoxo.

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