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Flowers are Magical

When I post pictures of my garden blooms on Instagram, I often use the hashtag #flowersaremagical.  Because, to me, they are.  

Explosions of color.

Science unfurling.

Endless variety.

Magical connections.

Apparently, my own grandmother - my mom's mother, who died four years before I was born - was a gardener.  While most of her efforts focused on growing fruits and vegetables, she also found time to tend a lovely flower garden filled with snapdragons, daisies, hydrangea, zinnias, and dahlias.  Not surprisingly, all of these flowers became my mom's favorites in her own garden.

Every Mother's Day, I would give my mom a new dahlia for her garden.  Every year, my mom would plant the dahlia and enjoy the lovely blooms, come September.  Later in the fall, she faithfully dug up all her dahlia tubers and overwintered them.  Some years, she was successful; some years . . . not so much.  But her garden always had dahlias.  

This spring, my mom wasn't quite herself.  She didn't do any gardening.  She didn't plant her dahlias -- and I gave her a hanging basket for Mother's Day, instead of the usual dahlia.

So imagine how surprised I was on Saturday, when I started clearing up my mom's garden for fall.


Because there were . . . Dahlias!  Blooming in my mom's garden!

She must have missed digging all the tubers last fall.  And last year's mild winter must have saved this one.

Just for me.

Because . . . I'm going to dig this dahlia tuber and try to overwinter it myself.  

Because . . . My garden will always have dahlias.

Because . . . Flowers ARE magical!



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There is so much comfort in the unexpected reminders of a loved one. Take joy in these reminders!


Well now. There's a big old hello from your mom.


These dahlias and your story are so very lovely and magical! My fil was an ardent vegetable gardener but he always grew gladiolus for my mil. We gave away hundreds of bulblets from his glad bulbs at his memorial service and it's always a welcome reminder when people tell me they are still growing Chuck's glads 20 years later. Flowers are magical, indeed!


I love it. I hope it hangs on and greets you!


Aw. I love this -- and what a gorgeous flower. Magical, for sure.


So beautiful. Such a wonderful gift from your mom.


This story is so moving, it tuned my not so great day around. Thank you!


What a beautiful reminder of your Mom! My Mom passed away nearly 6 months ago and every September I planted yellow mums for her... I planted them in my own garden just this morning, It is still so difficult, but I find reminders like these to be comforting. My maternal grandmother enjoyed gardening. She told me that when she was younger she struggled with depression & her doctor recommended that she work in the garden or go for a walk every day...she did both & always said it saved her. Smart doctor!


Beautiful flower! And what a lovely surprise for you! I don't garden, but I love to read gardening magazines! I always surprise myself by how many flowers I can recognize....

Linda in VA


flowers ARE magical - and flowers that bloom unexpectedly in a garden tended by a Gardener (geez, I didn't realize you were the THIRD generation :-) ... well, your mom is smiling, too. xo, M.


flowers are magical and your mom will be with you always, I am so lucky to still have mine, we had a tough last year but this one has been much better - hugs from Massachusetts and save that gorgeous dahlia....


The post is a wonderful tribute to your mother and her love of dahlias! You'll do a fabulous job of overwintering her dahlia tubers and I'll bet you add many more of the beauties!

Julia in KW

It's beautiful!


Wow! I wonder if your Mom and Grandmother discussed it? :-)

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