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The Isle of Skye

Fall Interlude I

For obvious reasons, I didn't get up north to our cottage much this summer.  (Like . . . only twice.  And that was early in the season.)  Luckily, fall is a great time to head north -- when the days are still pretty summer-y, but fall is in the air.




In the fall here in Michigan, we often have foggy mornings . . . 



but the fog usually burns of as soon as the sun rises, revealing those sparkling blue skies from my earlier photos.

It's been great to have this week up here.  I've had plenty of time for reading and thinking and writing and knitting.  The dogs love it, too!  We've had time for swims in the lake and walks in the woods.  And campfires.  Everyone loves campfires.




Just so you don't think it's all fun and games up here in the fall . . . we're also up here to bring in the boat and the docks for the season (because you don't want to be stuck doing that once the water starts getting really cold!) (ask us how we know. . . ).  And Tom has started a major project:  replacing most of the 102 steps leading down to the lake.  (Yeah.  He isn't creating a "yard-Jenga" game here.)


We'll be heading home tomorrow -- but we'll be back soon.  I'm going to treat myself to several more fall interludes this year.  (And Tom, y'know. . . those stairs!)



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Our morning in Maine was rich with fog! Everything sparkles once the sun shines through. I hope it doesn't set in again tonight as I would love a sunset. Rest and rejuvenate!


Absolutely beautiful, in both fog and brilliant sunshine! I think you've brought along the perfect book to listen to and I kind of like the idea of yard-Jenga (102?!)


I am with Bonny - yard jenga seems like a thing! I am glad you are having such amazing weather - the photos are just divine! XO


A mystical, foggy morning is a wonderful way to start the day. Tom's project looks like a tough one--he must be one of those unhappy if not doing something challenging guys. Me--I'll stick to the reading, knitting and hiking!

Kim in Oregon

How is "The Nix"? I have it on m kindle.

Cheryl S.

Such beautiful and peaceful photos. It's great that you have such a magical place to get away to.


Perfect. I love autumn in the northland. So glad you'll be spending a bit of time there...


Can I be homesick for a place I've only been to once? Because your pictures make me homesick for your cottage. I hope you get up there a bunch more times before the season ends.


I'll bet this week provided well in many ways. Here's to a beautiful fall and several more trips up north.


So nice to see the weather cooperated (mostly) to give you some last days to enjoy the lake! I don't envy Tom all that heavy lifting. 102 steps will be a major accomplishment!


what a wonderful blessing of place and time! (and I can't wait to hear what you think about The Nix - it's on my short list after Bonny's review)

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