And . . . It's a Wrap!
Sundays are for Poetry . . .


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Hugs...and more hugs! Thinking of you...wishing you peace.


This is not a good sign. I'm sorry - let me know if there's anything I can do, I'm hear if you just need to chat.


Thinking of you and sending you lots of love.


Keeping you in my thoughts... sending lots of love and hugs. xo


Will miss you & your wonderful blog while you're away. Take care.


Remember to find the good no matter what comes your way. Sending positive energy to you!

Denise copeland

Just checked in and read your latest posts. I remember your first blog post. You were standing in your beautiful garden wearing a lovely sweater that you just finished. On that day and on every other day you bring so much inspiration to me! I love how you drop a few hints about an epic experience and then later, sometimes much later, fully develop the adventure. Like your adventure with Gloria Steinem...or the moss garden. I am guessing that your ideas, thoughts, stories and adventures occupy a significant amount of "real estate" within the minds of your readers. I know that is true for me. I also believe that the succulents that you photographed for your post are symbolic of "timeless love"...which is the essence of what you so eloquently express every day. Sending you light.


Joining the other commenters in wishing you well!


keeping you in my thoughts and sending virtual hugs. xoxo - M.


Thinking of you and holding you in the Light.

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