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Weekending: More Than You Bargained For


How was your weekend?

Such a typical, normal start to a Monday morning between friends.

(But sometimes you get more than you bargained for.  Y'know?)


My weekend started out pretty well.  All the usual weekend activities . . . gardening, a swim workout at the pool, wine on the patio.  

There was a date with Tom on Saturday afternoon.  (We went to see the new Jason Bourne movie.)  (Which is actually much like all the old Jason Bourne movies.)  (Only maybe not so novel.)

Sunday, though?

Not so much.

It started with a bang.  (Not my story to tell.)  

And then things went downhill.

Like . . . really downhill.


We have a pretty significant grass slope in our front yard.  As I headed down the hill to check out some massive weeds (I could see them from my front window), I slipped on the very wet grass (we had a lot of rain this weekend) and fell.

I screwed up my knee.  (My bad knee.)

Rest and ice will help.  But, really?  I don't need this in my life right now.  (Or ever.  Y'know?)

But it didn't stop me from rockin' out last night . . . 


At the Boston 40th Anniversary concert.  (Yep.  40th anniversary.  Time flies.)


This weekend was WAY more than I bargained for.

(And instead of heading up north today . . . I'm searching for Brian's old crutches.  So I can really rest that stupid knee.)

How was YOUR weekend?


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Ouch! I feel for your knee. I screwed up one of mine last summer walking across soft sand at the beach in sandals not up to the twisty soft sand. Any way, rest it and ice it (which you are doing!) Getting older is not for sissies.


40 years?!?! How is that even possible! Find those crutches and get yourself up north for some R&R!!

I had a weekend of presidential proportions!! XO


What a bummer that this derails your plans for a week up north - I hope you can reschedule or get there soon. Yay for Boston! And I must say, Jo-Jo is probably pretty happy with that couch situation.

Cheryl S.

Sending healing thoughts your way!


Water and grass--good mixture for the beautiful green landscape, not so good for walking! Wishing you a quick return to a happy, pain free knee.


Bummer with the knee! I hope it heals quickly so you can get on with your life, your very busy, crazy life.


As someone who has royally messed up my own bad knee this summer, I appreciate your frustration (I mean, even my "good" knee isn't that great!). I hope you can feel good enough to get around and at least head north for a while.

I am glad you made it to the concert, though - that probably helped.

Take care.


Boooo! Here's to the power of rest and healing. And the love of a good dog to keep you company. :-)


Wet grass is deadly. My neighbor, also an avid gardener, slipped and broke her ankle in multiple places. She was in a wheelchair and a walker for weeks (months?). Take care of yourself!


Aw, bummer about your knee! I hope it's better soon.


well that's a BIG darn it! wet pine straw is the thing we worry about around here (because of course, I'd never be chasing weeds down a hill :-) I know you won't enjoy R&R as much at home...but hope it works! xoxo.


Hope that with rest, you knee is healing. Take care!

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