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Seeking Normal

I've been Not Blogging since August 11.

I'm going to admit it . . . it's been rather nice to not "think in blog" over the past couple of weeks.  There are just too many other things to stress and worry over right now.

In fact, I can see . . . never blogging again.

Because it is so hard to be upbeat and cheery when life just . . . isn't.


I'm traversing some uncharted territory.  Picking my steps carefully and trying not to fall over the edge.  Nothing feels quite right at the moment.  I'm not eating or sleeping well.  I haven't worked out in weeks.  I'm not knitting or gardening or drawing.  I'm not blogging.

Nothing is normal.

Everything stinks.

Last night, laying there in bed (not sleeping, of course), I decided I need to flip the switch.  I am not going to be able to face what is ahead of me if I don't . . . seek some Normal in my life.


I'm going to yoga tonight.

I'm going to do some deadheading and weed-pulling in my garden.

And I'm going to blog.

Because I NEED some Normal.  (And I also need all of you.)


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Cheryl S.

I'm so sorry you've headed into stormy seas. Sending positive vibes and hugs.

Kim in Oregon

Kym--so sorry things are tough. Remember in the face of adversity, you always have choices. It sounds like you are making some good ones!


So sorry for all you're going through at the moment. You are doing the right thing in taking care of yourself and finding the balance that keeps life in focus. Your normally positive attitude and self awareness will give you strength. Thinking of you and sending love and friendship. xox


Welcome back, Kym, you were missed! Life happens to all of us and sometimes it helps to share those misfortunes as well as celebrating the fortunes in life. We are all thinking of you!

Sue N

Been thinking about you glad to hear your voice, hugs, hugs and more hugs plus tea and lovely cake and perhaps a glas of wine or two. Hope the clouds clear soon xxx


So sorry that you are going through some tough times, but we are out here thinking of you and hoping things soon get better. You are missed!


Welcome back, for however long and however frequently you choose to blog. I've been checking daily to see if you'd posted - sounds like life isn't treating you quite as kindly as it could/should right now.

I don't know what's going on, but I hope that the rough spots smooth out soon, and you can get back to doing things that make you happy.

Sending good thoughts from Wisconsin…


It does my heart good to read a post from you, especially this one! I feel like I completely understand much of what you're feeling, both the "everything stinks" and seeking Normal. My quest for a tiny bit of normality has included reading and knitting as both can be done in waiting rooms. The bad stuff is never far away, but even a few moments of nice, normal stuff is a good thing. Sending hugs, good thoughts, prayers many times a day, and a hope for more yoga, weeding, blogging, and maybe even a restorative beer. XO


Oh my goodness, Kym. I'm so sorry... I hope things get better soon. (Life has been a real crapfest around here this summer, too.)


I'm so sorry things are so rough for you right now. It's good you're taking care of yourself by getting back to some of your normal activities-that is what saved me earlier this year when I had my own troubles to face. I wish you well & hope & pray things will look up for you soon.


I hope you had a wonderful time at yoga and aren't adding overly sore to your troubles. I hope that you are beginning to find some Normal. And I hope that things will be better soon. Virtual hugs and positive thoughts.


I'm sorry you're feeling this way and I hope that establishing some routine again (especially blogging!) means things will start to make sense and give you a new type of normal. I'm just a phone call away if you need to talk.


You are the wonderful neighbor across th fence who suddenly leaves for a good reason and we have an empty place waiting to welcome you back. Your resolve to do yoga, write a blog post and pull some destructive weeds is a courageous and important step. We are sending you our caring thoughts and cheering you on!


"Nothing in nature blooms all year, be patient with yourself"


You have much been in my thoughts over the past days and I am so sorry that life is making normal hard to find. However, I think you will find your readers to be ones that are here through thick and thin, happy posts or reality ones. XO


Welcome back. This normal is good for you for us, I'm certain. And I am also just a phone call away...recent adventures have provide a wealth of information. Any time xoxo.


And clearly I cannot type today!


Not sure what is happening, but glad you are back and hope you can draw strength from all of us following you. :)


Although we've never met, I've read (and occasionally commented on) your blog for a number of years. Your posts and your "voice" have meant a great deal to me. Like Helen, I hope you can draw strength from all of us following you.
As the Quakers say, I'll be "holding you in the Light".

Julia in KW

Totally understand. Sometimes you need to withdraw and sometimes you need to push forward...both are good for you at different times...glad to hear you can start to push forward!


Seeking normal strikes a cord. For the past 18 months that is all I craved. Very often I settled on the normal little things to find my way. Wishing you the best in finding joy in the little normal things. It will help tackle the more difficult things you face. Very grateful you chose blogging as altitude normal!


I am so sorry about the stress and not-good in your life. {{{hugs}}}


It is great to hear your voice. What a bummer that you've had a rough go of things recently. I'm sending you hugs and encouragement to keep on keepin' on. Things will take a turn.

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