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Oh . . . K!

When I read the Ten on Tuesday prompt for this week . . . Ten Words to Describe Yourself (with the added caveat that all the words must begin with the same letter as your name) . . . I snorted.  Out loud.

Because there are so few adjectives that begin with K.

(Let alone those that might describe ME.)

I actually had to pull out the dictionary.

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So, here I am.  With a K:

  1. Kamikaze (It's that RISK thing.)
  2. Keen (The "eager" definition, not the "sharp or pungent" definition.)
  3. Keeper (At least Tom thinks so.)
  4. Kempt (As in the oppostive of UNkempt.)
  5. Kerfuffled (Because it happens sometimes.)  (And besides ... it's fun to say.)
  6. Keyed up (Not always, but sometimes.)
  7. Kick-ass (Oh yeah, baby.)
  8. Kind (Generally.)
  9. Knitter (Although not so much lately.)  (But still.)
  10. Knowledgeable (About some things, at least.)

Okay.  So that wasn't so hard after all.  (Thanks Merriam-Webster!)

How about YOU?  Can you describe yourself using words that begin with the first letter of your name?


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#7...yes! And #5 is fun to say! :-)


LOL I love this list! #1 on my list is Klutz... and so true. unKoordinated should be there too!


Excellent job! I actually thought of you and Kat when I chose this prompt, I knew it might be tricky. I especially agree with you on #s 7, 8 and 10.


Another "K"! Good list - you came up with some good ones!


K is a tough one, but I would also add kindhearted and kind of supportive (actually very supportive, but there is that difficult K).


Good choices! This is a tricky one that's for sure. :-)


You are all this and also what Bonny added to the list. Kickass is my favorite.

Kim in Oregon

I made myself do this before checking out the other "K"s but kickass rules!


I wrote up my list (also using the dictionary) but then ended up not putting it on my blog for some reason!! Mine was easier than yours! But without the dictionary, I actually had a hard time.
my first one I came up with is "loyal"...

Linda in VA


Great K list--lots of laughs!


I pulled out the dictionary, too ... but I think you were a lot more Kreative than I was about the words. I love Kamikaze, Kerfuffled and Kick-ass. You are definitely A (o) K!


5 & 7 are my favorites. Hee hee


That's a great list Kym! I would definitely have to pull out the dictionary!!


As another K person, I gave up on this one before I started. You did great!

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