A Weekend in the Weeds
Time to Lean In

Oh . . . K!

When I read the Ten on Tuesday prompt for this week . . . Ten Words to Describe Yourself (with the added caveat that all the words must begin with the same letter as your name) . . . I snorted.  Out loud.

Because there are so few adjectives that begin with K.

(Let alone those that might describe ME.)

I actually had to pull out the dictionary.

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So, here I am.  With a K:

  1. Kamikaze (It's that RISK thing.)
  2. Keen (The "eager" definition, not the "sharp or pungent" definition.)
  3. Keeper (At least Tom thinks so.)
  4. Kempt (As in the oppostive of UNkempt.)
  5. Kerfuffled (Because it happens sometimes.)  (And besides ... it's fun to say.)
  6. Keyed up (Not always, but sometimes.)
  7. Kick-ass (Oh yeah, baby.)
  8. Kind (Generally.)
  9. Knitter (Although not so much lately.)  (But still.)
  10. Knowledgeable (About some things, at least.)

Okay.  So that wasn't so hard after all.  (Thanks Merriam-Webster!)

How about YOU?  Can you describe yourself using words that begin with the first letter of your name?


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