Chew On It
Oh . . . K!


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That's an excellent analogy! xo


what a lovely capture! and a nice way to think about being stuck in the weeds :-) hope this week gets you to a better place! xxoo, M


I am ignoring all weeds that are not bigger than the plants they are growing near! Because weeding in 90 degree weather seems just a little too much like work! Your Butterfly bush is gorgeous as is your visitor XO


Wonderful picture. There's always some redeeming beauty in the outdoors no matter how many weeds.


It's easy to ignore the weeds when there is so much more beauty in the garden.


What a lovely visitor!


Beautiful! I saw one yesterday but I did not get a photo.


I just noticed tonight that my garden could use a good weeding, too. Happily, I kinda like weeding, although I can only do in small bursts. By next week it should be looking better.

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