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A couple of years ago, I decided to spread my wings a bit . . . and take a drawing class at the KIA (our local art museum and art school).  Although I took several art classes in high school and college, I hadn't dabbled in "official" art-making for . . . decades.  

It felt good.  But I felt pretty much like a fraud.

Last fall, I stumbled into my first colored pencil class. . . and I loved it!  The instructor was wonderful -- inspiring and supportive, and my classmates were great (for the most part; there's always . . . Someone; y'know?).  Still.  Fraud.  I was super hesitant about my work.  Slow.  Careful.  Overly cautious.

For example, it took me agonizing weeks to work through this piece (which I now refer to as "Snout I"):

FullSizeRender 91 copy

At the end of that first course, the instructor provided each of us with a carefully written "critique" of our work.  Mine?  Very positive.  But.  She also pointed out my greatest obstacles:  hesitation, second-guessing, fearfulness.  She encouraged me to, "make mistakes and try to figure out ways to fix them."

Those words. . . rang through my head.

Kind of like alarm bells.

In fact, her words were the very words that led me to my "one little word" this year:  RISK.

Make mistakes and figure out ways to fix them.

I'm here to say . . . I've come a long way since my first colored pencil class.  Not necessarily with my art, but with mistakes.  I went WAY out on a limb . . . and took a watercolor class last spring.  (Different instructor, but also very supportive.)  This was a huge risk for me -- because I had no experience with watercolor.  AND because there are no erasers in watercolor.  (Every time you wet your brush, you're taking a risk.)

Watercolor was a game-changer for me in terms of letting go and making mistakes, and I started just kind of  . . . going for it.  Realizing, finally, that this art of mine is really JUST for ME.  If it works, great.  If it doesn't?  Fix it. Or pitch it.   


This last Saturday, I took a one-day colored pencil workshop.  I think my instructor (that same one) was more thrilled than I was -- when I completed (except for the background) this drawing of Jenny during the day-long class.  (I call it "Snout II.")

FullSizeRender 92

I took a RISK.

I made some mistakes.

I fixed them.

It worked out.

It's very freeing . . . to let go.


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I think both snout works are fantastic! It's all risky but good for you for pushing through your own barriers. You inspired me to try art on my own and it's been really fun. I'm jealous that you have such great classes to take so close to home.


Beautiful work, Kym! You are inspiring! XO


Your snout drawings are wonderful! I think you really captured that look in the eyes of complete trust that makes your heart melt; I have to go hug my dog right now!

Cheryl S.

Awesome! Good for you.


Go you!!!


This is such a wonderful post. Always growing, always learning!


I remember your choosing RISK as your word this year and wondering what was behind the choice. Now I understand. Good for you - especially if the choice has opened up other "opportunities/adventures" for you.


I cannot believe you drew those. with watercolor pencils. that's inspiring. and intimidating. but I definitely think you've shown Risk who's boss!


What a great experience of risk, reward, revisiting. Love the word risk!


Both of these are so much better than anything I could do that I don't see either as being better than the other -- except maybe the second one has a little more life to it? That must be the hardest thing to capture - life. And probably takes the most risk. Really lovely and interesting post, Kym.


You are fabulous!


Let go, have some fun, and build confidence in your talent. You've found another passion! Way to go.

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