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Keep it Cool

I don't know about where you live, but where I live . . . it's been hot, Hot, HOT!  Steamy hot.  

This week, Carole asks us . . . How to keep cool in the summer's heat?


  1. Get in the water -- the beach, a lake, or a pool
  2. Find a shady spot when you're outside
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. (Or a cold beer)
  5. (Or a crisp glass of chardonnay)
  6. Turn on the air conditioning - and use the fans
  7. Wear loose, light clothing
  8. Stop cooking -- and eat cold foods instead
  9. (Like ice cream!)
  10. (Or Creamsicles!)

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How about YOU?  How do you keep cool during the summer's heat?


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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! The local ice cream joint has been seeing a good bit of us lately! And, it does help...really. lol


Junah & I were dipping our feet into a big ol' washtub full of water the other day! Refreshing. ;)


Perfect list!


Mostly, I have been huddling in the a/c. But if I have to spend time in the heat -- such as in a parade, which has happened several times -- I have a neckband stuffed w/ silicone beads. Soak it in water for half an hour and tie it on. It really works!


One of the best things about Colorado (as you know), the lack of humidity is a real plus. But I am all in with the glass of Chardonnay!


Cold tea and white wine are summers best treats (so is ice cream and watermelon).
I would keep summer if I could, even if everybody would hate me. :)


Oh! How i would love to cool my feet in the ocean...I can just feel those waves splashing over them...
Cool list!

Lydia S

Ice cream is my favorite! I


those are all great options! except for the lake (sadly), your list is pretty much my summer, too!


That creamsicle looks delicious! I managed ice cream and chardonnay on my three day jaunt to the Cape it was HOT and wonderful!

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