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Finally . . . a BINGO!

This summer, I've been reading and reading and reading . . . but only just recently got my first Book BINGO!

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Let's check out that middle column, going down, shall we?

With 200 pages or fewer - For this square, I read My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout.  I loved this book!  It was spare and elegant; it didn't fill in all the blanks for you (my favorite kind of book), and allowed you to connect the dots for yourself.  An excellent selection.  Five stars!

A tale of survival (fiction or non-) - If you've followed my Book Bingo blog posts in the past, you might already know that I (ahem) take liberties with the squares.  I love to read.  I love to participate in Book Bingo.  But I will NOT read something I don't otherwise want to read.  So I tend to . . . be creative sometimes with my squares.  I am not a fan of what you normally think of as "survival" books.  But, I did read Louise Erdrich's wonderful new novel, LaRose.  And if you've read it, you will certainly see that it fits into this "tale of survival" square --- even if it is a bit unexpected.  Another excellent read.  Five stars!

That you've pretended to have read meant to read but haven't gotten around to it yet - Another thing I do with Book Bingo . . . is modify some of the prompts that I don't like.  "Pretending" to have read something is just not my style.  But there are many books that "everyone" has read but me.  You know.  Books that were Very Popular - but I didn't have time to read them when "everyone else" was reading them.  So I decided to revise the square accordingly.  I read another Elizabeth Strout book -- that one that "everyone" read way back when it was first out:  Olive Kitteridge.  I never pretended to have read it.  But I've always meant to.  I'm glad I finally gotten around to it.  Four stars!

Historical fiction - For this square, I read A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding by Jackie Copleton.  This one, from the Bailey's Women's Prize for Fiction longlist, held much promise -- taking on the difficult and heavy-heavy-heavy subject of the bombing of Nagasaki.  (Let's just say . . . lots of guilt and regret in this one.)  It was quite good - and I certainly learned a lot about Nagasaki and how the bombing impacted the community and its survivors - but it fell just a bit flat.  Still, worth the read.  Three stars!


Happy weekend to all of you.  Hope you get some time to curl up with a book!


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Congrats on the Bingo! Reading...not at any great clip but still reading! xo


I love your liberties and am completely in sync with you on this row! LaRose really is perfect for the survival square, and I felt the same way about Olive. I especially thank you for your take on Lucy Barton. It was five stars for me also, but I hadn't considered exactly why; your idea of it not filling in all the blanks is so true. I know Lucy and her mother quite well, but the book allows many readers to connect their own dots in their own ways. (I really need to find a good book group!)


Nothing wrong with a little creative editing. I struggled a bit with Olive Kitteridge--it may be in line for a reread. Have a super weekend!


I hate to the person who points it out, but the free square means reading a book of your choice. I have been playing fast and loose with the genres, too. I am not capable of reading a genre I don't like, although I have expanded my parameters.


Your bingo card = your rules! Glad you're enjoying your summer reading and congrats on your first bingo!


BRAVO!!! And, yes - your bingo card, your rules! I have not read Olive Kitteridge - but I am adding it to my list!


YAY for BINGO! (although I do agree with Margene...but hey, your card, your rules!) and even better that you loved two of the books. I've been holding off on LaRose in spite of everyone's rave reviews; I'm wondering when might be the right time (for me) to read it. Read On!!


The name of the game is Read and Enjoy! And you are certainly doing that. Love your creative approach!
Read on!

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