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A Peek Inside My Knitting Bag

It occurred to me . . . that I haven't posted anything yarn-related since early May.



Because I haven't been knitting much, that's why!

Shall we take a little peek into my knitting bag?

First, there's this mess.


It's a cardigan - this pattern, knit in Berroco Indigo (which is a surprisingly wonderful and soft cotton).  The knitting is was moving along quite nicely.  Until life got in the way.  Now, I can see that I'm somewhere in a short row section.  Where?  Who knows.  And I also spilled coffee on it last week (actually, I spilled coffee into my knitting bag, where this was languishing).  So kind of a mess.  But worth picking up again.  (Soon.)

And then ... there's this.


That's clue #1 of Kirsten Kapur's TTL Mystery Shawl, now called Thistle Rambles.  I usually love to knit lace in the summer.  Over the years, though, I've discovered that there are Times to Knit Lace -- and there are Times to NOT Knit Lace.  I'm in one of the latter times right now, so the rest of the clues are going to have to wait.  (But I will pick this up again, because this shawl is a stunner. Like this one.)

And then, there's this.


I started this scarf on the plane to Copenhagen.  I knit on the plane.  I knit on the ship.  I knit on the plane again.  Now that I'm home, if I take a project out of my knitting bag, it's this one.  Easy.  Fairly mindless (although you wouldn't believe how often I forget how to count to 5. . . ).  Endlessly entertaining (with those color changes).  

Knitting might be slow right now, but it's there.  Mostly in my knitting bag.  But there.

How about you?  What'cha working on?





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Mine is also mostly in my knitting bag where it's really better off as every time I pick it up I screw it up. I should heed your advice about times to knit lace (or not). The scarf looks entertaining and fantastic!


I think it's a riot that we both posted Zick Zack today. Your sweater looks about the same as it did when I was there. Hmmmm.


Love the colors you chose for your shawl! I'm going to go and check that pattern out STAT!! I'm also doing the ZickZack scarf... I'm using two different variegated yarns by Lorna's Laces.... I really like the way it is looking - and love the way yours is looking also!!

Linda in VA


I love your Zick Zack! I have been eyeing Carole's for some time now, but this might just push me over the edge! Also, thank you for the shout out - and I LOVE your colors for your shawl! I am sending you some good vibes to get you back on the lace track! That will be so awesome this fall! XO


I'm on clue 4 which surprisingly enough I've enjoyed even while screwing it up. I vowed it would not go on vacation with me (August 6) but I find it very hard to believe that I will finish it in a week. I've got a sock with a turned heel and that sweater with the yarn from Rhinebeck. I love it but the sleeve is wonky and needs a rip. That's my story - your Zick Zack is a beauty! xo


Sometimes the most mindless patterns seem to require the most attention! I love the cardigan-- it looks like a fun knit!


I wish my inner knitting nerd was better at counting, too. The baby blanket I'm knitting requires counting to five on every short row and I had to rip out an entire wedge last night because oops! I counted to six instead. let's have a shawl finish-along when you're ready for lace again - mine is languishing on clue 4, mostly because it's too hot to think hard :-)


Man, it has definitely not been a productive summer in the knitting/sewing/creating department around here. (It's been pretty good in the toddler-play and baby-cuddle departments, though.)

I have finally reached the bind-off row of the TTL Mystery Shawl!

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