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A Peek Inside My Knitting Bag

It occurred to me . . . that I haven't posted anything yarn-related since early May.



Because I haven't been knitting much, that's why!

Shall we take a little peek into my knitting bag?

First, there's this mess.


It's a cardigan - this pattern, knit in Berroco Indigo (which is a surprisingly wonderful and soft cotton).  The knitting is was moving along quite nicely.  Until life got in the way.  Now, I can see that I'm somewhere in a short row section.  Where?  Who knows.  And I also spilled coffee on it last week (actually, I spilled coffee into my knitting bag, where this was languishing).  So kind of a mess.  But worth picking up again.  (Soon.)

And then ... there's this.


That's clue #1 of Kirsten Kapur's TTL Mystery Shawl, now called Thistle Rambles.  I usually love to knit lace in the summer.  Over the years, though, I've discovered that there are Times to Knit Lace -- and there are Times to NOT Knit Lace.  I'm in one of the latter times right now, so the rest of the clues are going to have to wait.  (But I will pick this up again, because this shawl is a stunner. Like this one.)

And then, there's this.


I started this scarf on the plane to Copenhagen.  I knit on the plane.  I knit on the ship.  I knit on the plane again.  Now that I'm home, if I take a project out of my knitting bag, it's this one.  Easy.  Fairly mindless (although you wouldn't believe how often I forget how to count to 5. . . ).  Endlessly entertaining (with those color changes).  

Knitting might be slow right now, but it's there.  Mostly in my knitting bag.  But there.

How about you?  What'cha working on?