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Right Now - May 2016

Oh, my.  Time is just completely getting away from me these days.  

Let's stop.  

And take a breath.  

And catch up with the end of May.  (Since June is already WAY underway!)

FullSizeRender 88

Here's what's happening . . . RIGHT NOW:

Watching . . . Birds and toads and unfolding blossoms and weeds.  (Lots and lots of weeds.)

Reading . . . I'm already making a dent in my summer BINGO reading.  Last week, I finished The Boys in the Boat (a pretty good book about a most awesome feat) and The Dictionary of Mutual Understanding (. . . meh).  Next up? LaRose by one of my all-time favorites, Louise Erdrich (in my ears), and My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout (from the library).

FullSizeRender 88 copy

Knitting . . . It is summer.  And I am in full-KAL-mode.  First, I am slogging through this sweater as part of Kat's KAL (brilliant in it's simplicity).  (Plus cocktails.)  Second, I am trusting my knitting-soul to Kirsten Kapur and her Through the Loops Mystery Shawl!  (I think this is my fourth year.)

Listening to . . . Sirius radio in my car.  I've got The Bridge (just like listening to the radio in my high school days) or Classic Rewind (just like listening to the radio from college and Tom's grad school years - but with maybe a bit too much Van Halen for my taste) or Lithium (for my grunge craving) or Pearl Jam Radio (when I just need a bit of Eddie Vedder).  This all works for me!

FullSizeRender 88 copy 2

Drinking . . . Oh. Yeah.

Itching to . . . Have my NEW, IMPROVED windows installed!  We're having ALL NEW windows (and sliders) installed in our house.  We bit the bullet.  (Because pretty much like having college tuition again.)  But, now?  SO EXCITED.  (Unfortunately, it's going to be another month before it happens.)

Humming . . . Night Moves.  Bob Seger.  (I never know where these things come from.)  (Let's blame . . . Sirius radio.)


Needing to . . . Do some "deep dives" into heavily weeded areas of my garden . . . (wish me luck).

Dreading . . . A couple of "light" commitments coming up this week and next.  Neither is particularly terrible -- but, still.  They do not Bring Joy.


Delighted by . . . Blooms!  Every day . . . blooms!

Looking foward to . . . Sailing off to Scotland and Ireland with my sister in a month!  (Oh, yes.  This thought gets me through rough spots in my days.)

Thinking about . . . ALL the Projects I want to get rolling on.  

Planning . . . A party.  A visit.  A trip.  (Now THAT sounds fun, doesn't it???)

How about YOU?  What's happening for you . . . RIGHT NOW?






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I adore clematis and those two blooms are beautiful together! I also have a tiny crush on Bob Seger, but surely he can't be 71. We had half of our old windows replaced and are saving up to do the rest. I'm sure you'll love yours; did you go with the self-cleaning option? ;-)


Those blooms! Wow, just gorgeous. I need to do some research and see how the deer like peonies...

And, Scotland and Ireland!! I volunteer to go with you and open doors, carry luggage, bring beverages... just sayin'.

Also, I am laughing so hard at Bonny's comment.... but, wait... are there self-cleaning windows? Hmmm

Bob Seeger - the music of my youth! And, be safe in the garden! If there is no post here tomorrow, I will notify the authorities! XO


Kirsten is about the only one I'd trust my knitting soul to. Your colors play well together. House fixing up...the never ending money pit. Getting a contractor to commits half the battle! Your flowers are so spectacular and I hope they bring you great joy!


We've got the contractors at the house too! (Yes...that tuition feel!) Sounds like lots of good going on. That clue one always gives me hope...though I know I'll be wrapping it up in August!


I feel you--we are paying for windows, and ENJOYING said Windows enormously! (AUtocorrect struck again and argued with me that Windows should be CAPITILIZED.)




Your flowers are gorgeous, as always. On Sirius I also listen to The Bridge and Classic Rewind. My other favorites are The Spectrum, The Coffee House, Classic Vinyl and Margaritville Radio. I have those same books on my TBR list. I'm currently reading Circling The Sun (although I expect to finish today) and then I will start either Dark Tide (about the great molasses flood in Boston) or The Queen of the Night.


Love these status posts. Currently: riding a subway in Italy out of Herculeneum to Sorrento. Reading: Marie Kondo's tidying book when not enjoying Amalfi. Heading: to Rome on Wednesday. Knitting: finished Hitofude for this trip and working plain vanilla socks on the trains and planes.

Looking forward to hearing about your trip with your sister...plans and all. Wish I could get me sister on a plane! Have a great week...Ciao!


ok - so there is absolutely NOTHING I can share to compare with April (darn it! wish I'd read and commented earlier ;-) I love the sunshine in your photos, especially the peonies ... always a favorite.


I need a peony bush in my life. Too bad I have almost no sunny spots. And Bob Seger is one of my all-time favorites. Old Time Rock & Roll is a song that NO ONE can sit still to.

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