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Right Now - June 2016

Usually, here at the end of the month, I do a Right Now post.  You know.  Right Now . . . I'm watching, knitting, listening to, drinking, etc.

But this month?  June?  I just can't.


Oh, it's been a GREAT month.  Filled with fun and parties and gardening and Carole and Dale and the kick-off of Tom's new consulting business.

But it's also been a rough month.  Because my mom is having some pretty significant health issues.  It's stressful for all of us, and I've been spending a lot of time on the road . . . or (as Tom photographed yesterday) on the phone.

And . . . right now . . . I'm packing for my trip* (we leave tomorrow), running to Holland for one more visit with my mom (and to pick up my sister; she arrived on Monday), and dealing with window installation (here's my garage).


Right now?  I'm pretty much a mess.

How about YOU?


* Guilt?  I'm soaking in it now. . . 


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Right now, I hope you can feel the love, support, and good wishes that I'm sending for all of you. I do hope you and your sister have a good trip, with a minimum of guilt. As someone just barely holding her own head above water in the whirlpool of caring for an aging parent and in-law, I'm learning to do what I can, designate some limited time for worry, and try and let the guilt and the rest of the crap go. Wine helps :-)


Just stop, take a deep breath, and remember that all of this will pass. Then have a beer or a glass of wine (or both) with Tom and I guarantee you will feel better. Get on that plane tomorrow and leave it all behind because there are good people to take care of your mom and all the problems can wait until you get back. Love you!


That's a lot to do and keep track of doing. I am so sorry for your mother's health issues and understand how hard it must be, not only for you to travel back and forth, but to also leave at a time you are worried about her. I also understand about house repair/replace upheavals, believe me I do! Good luck to Tom in his new venture and to you I say have a fabulous time on your trip. Try to relax, enjoy your sister's company, and soak up the joy of travel. xox


I am glad to see that your black and white companions are keeping you safe in your pergola :-)


Oh boy. I'm sorry to hear about your mom. My mother's health was not that great when Rusty & I last visited Katie in Scotland and I had some pangs about whether or not we should go... but I knew Mom would be happiest knowing we were doing our thing (and also following along!).

Have a BONNIE time with your sister!!


Oh I know that phone thing. :-) Have a wonderful, wonderful trip my friend - it's the right thing to do. xoxo


I'm sorry to read about your mom and understand how difficult things must be for you right now. I do hope you have a wonderful trip to Scotland with your sister & imagine that your mom wants you to relax and have a good time. I visited Scotland several years ago and I loved it, hope you do too!


Yup, this elder care thing is really hard. Don't guilt yourself. There will be plenty to help with when you return.


I am sorry to read about your mom and I understand what an ugly companion guilt can be. Sending you all love and extra measures of calm and peace. And, yes, have a BONNIE time with your sister. XO


Thank you for trusting your readers with such an honest and moving update. I am sorry to hear about your mother--seeing her with you on the blog is a picture of a vibrant and loving woman.

You and your sister enjoy each other so much and I hope the both of you embrace this special time together and enjoy every minute.

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