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Reading AND . . .

I've been reading by listening to audiobooks for a very long time.  

As in . . . a really long time.  Like back when they weren't called audiobooks yet.  Just "books-on-tape."  I used to get cassette-versions (and later the CD-versions) of books at the library, and pop them into my Sony WalkMan (and later my DiscMan) and listen while I took the dog on walks.  I kind of thought it was magical.  Reading AND . . . doing something else.

Times have changed.  Now, I just download books on my iPod, clip it to my shirt (or stick it in my pocket), and I'm good to go!  Reading AND . . . indeed.  (So much easier with my tiny Nano.  As compared to my WalkMan!)


This week, Carole wonders what we DO while we listen to audiobooks.

I read AND . . . 

  1. Knit
  2. Hand stitch
  3. Work out
  4. [Insert any mundane household chore here]
  5. Pull weeds
  6. Cook
  7. Walk the dogs
  8. "Beautify" (the hair; the face; etc.)
  9. Draw or paint
  10. Drive (only plugged into the auxiliary channel; never with headphones)

How about YOU?  What do you do while you listen to audiobooks?


(You know what I NEVER do, though?  I never, ever read AND . . . ride my bike.  Because it is absolutely not safe to use headphones while you're pedaling.)


Find out what everyone else does while "reading" audiobooks here!


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Another long-time listener to books-on-tape (and with a Walkman)! Weeding is almost fun with an audiobook, and you are listening to such a good one! Sara is one of my top three listens this year ... so far.


Great List Kym!!


I remember when we first started buying books-on-tape for the library! Then we switched to CDs and now it's almost all downloadable format instead. I actually rarely use headphones, I'm either driving and playing over the car's speaker or listening via the speaker on my phone.


Clearly, I need to get with it and try some new reading beyond the printed page. If listening and biking are incompatible, it makes me wonder about listening and driving.


I too am a long time BoT listener, using a Walkman or boom box,whichever worked for my task. I listened to cassettes while I sewed or did embroidery. It was the only way to get through hours at the machine. I even bought a bunch of cassettes, as well as, library books. I love my iPod more than I can express. LOL I gave up grocery shopping while listening. The book was too distracting.


I'm a recent convert and couldn't be happier! Mostly in the car and as you've only auxiliary. And listening to Sara De Vos is heavenly isn't it? LaRose is next...once I finish the BIG SLOG Thunderstruck. (Book group.)


I love how easy it is to download books onto the iPod (or phone, etc...). I definitely read a lot more these days. Great list!


I'm glad you mentioned the bike. I always cringe when I see people riding their bikes with headphones.


I use my phone or Kindle to listen to audio books, but I really need to start using my iPod since that's what I bought it for.


I like to be more aware of my surroundings and don't even like to walk with earbuds in, much less cycle, and I can't believe how many people I see driving cars that way. But my favorite place to listen to books is in the car (aux jack, like you) and it sure makes a long flight/layover more tolerable.


I "read" mostly when walking and am somewhat new to audiobooks...prefer reading print mostly from habit...definitely a plus side to audio books and being able to knit, stitch, etc.

Great list.


I LOVED that book - and I read it (real book even!). Love that you can draw and paint while listening. Can you tell what you've been listening to when you look at the drawings? I'm thinking Sara vs Tsar vs ... would be much different?


I started with book on tape, too. There was a place not too far from me that rented them, plus Cracker Barrel restaurants let you *buy* them and *return* them when done; the charge was full price initially, and they would refund everything except a couple-three bucks for the rental, no matter how long you had them. Perfect for traveling.

Lydia S

Yes, all this. Isn't it awesome that you don't have to walk around with a Sony Walkman!

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