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Intellectual Curiosity (Or Something Like That)

Carole sent this week's Ten on Tuesday prompt early this week.  Early enough, actually, for Tom and I to discuss it over a beer (well ... maybe a couple of beers) on Saturday night.

Ten Things We're Curious About.  Hmmmm.  That could go any number of ways. . . 

Tom's first thought:  Ten Things He'd Be Curious to TRY (mixed martial arts, peyote à la Carlos Castaneda, surfing. . .).

But I started thinking about the things that make my brain explode.  You know?  Those "curiosities" that just don't make sense?  (Even when someone explains them.*)

And, because beer was involved, Tom made a video.  Of my brain exploding. . . 


And with that . . . Here are Ten Things I'm (Intellectually?) Curious About:

  1. How is it possible that temperatures . . . so vastly different on the Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales . . . actually ARE THE SAME at -40 degrees?*
  2. Does "blue" look like the same "blue" to all color-sighted people?  (Substitute ANY COLOR here.)
  3. Chemistry.  (All of it.)  (Pretty much.)
  4. What is up with Schroedinger's cat.  (Alive? Dead? Neither?)
  5. How TV work? (Exactly.)
  6. And (along the same vein) . . . how can I record/DVR a program . . . when I'm watching another program.  (Or no program at all.)
  7. What made the First Knitter To Try Cables . . . try cables?
  8. Same with Turning the Heel?
  9. How did this happen with Trump? (Sorry.  I went there.)
  10. Does a tree falling in the woods make a sound . . . if there is no ear to hear it?

How about YOU?  What are you curious about?


See what everyone else is wondering about . . . here.


* Evidence of the explaining:


Right Now - May 2016

Oh, my.  Time is just completely getting away from me these days.  

Let's stop.  

And take a breath.  

And catch up with the end of May.  (Since June is already WAY underway!)

FullSizeRender 88

Here's what's happening . . . RIGHT NOW:

Watching . . . Birds and toads and unfolding blossoms and weeds.  (Lots and lots of weeds.)

Reading . . . I'm already making a dent in my summer BINGO reading.  Last week, I finished The Boys in the Boat (a pretty good book about a most awesome feat) and The Dictionary of Mutual Understanding (. . . meh).  Next up? LaRose by one of my all-time favorites, Louise Erdrich (in my ears), and My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout (from the library).

FullSizeRender 88 copy

Knitting . . . It is summer.  And I am in full-KAL-mode.  First, I am slogging through this sweater as part of Kat's KAL (brilliant in it's simplicity).  (Plus cocktails.)  Second, I am trusting my knitting-soul to Kirsten Kapur and her Through the Loops Mystery Shawl!  (I think this is my fourth year.)

Listening to . . . Sirius radio in my car.  I've got The Bridge (just like listening to the radio in my high school days) or Classic Rewind (just like listening to the radio from college and Tom's grad school years - but with maybe a bit too much Van Halen for my taste) or Lithium (for my grunge craving) or Pearl Jam Radio (when I just need a bit of Eddie Vedder).  This all works for me!

FullSizeRender 88 copy 2

Drinking . . . Oh. Yeah.

Itching to . . . Have my NEW, IMPROVED windows installed!  We're having ALL NEW windows (and sliders) installed in our house.  We bit the bullet.  (Because pretty much like having college tuition again.)  But, now?  SO EXCITED.  (Unfortunately, it's going to be another month before it happens.)

Humming . . . Night Moves.  Bob Seger.  (I never know where these things come from.)  (Let's blame . . . Sirius radio.)


Needing to . . . Do some "deep dives" into heavily weeded areas of my garden . . . (wish me luck).

Dreading . . . A couple of "light" commitments coming up this week and next.  Neither is particularly terrible -- but, still.  They do not Bring Joy.


Delighted by . . . Blooms!  Every day . . . blooms!

Looking foward to . . . Sailing off to Scotland and Ireland with my sister in a month!  (Oh, yes.  This thought gets me through rough spots in my days.)

Thinking about . . . ALL the Projects I want to get rolling on.  

Planning . . . A party.  A visit.  A trip.  (Now THAT sounds fun, doesn't it???)

How about YOU?  What's happening for you . . . RIGHT NOW?





Improving on a Good Thing

When we're up north, we like to sit around the campfire at the end of the day (if the mosquitos aren't too bad) with a beer or some wine.  

Some nights, we treat ourselves to these, too.


Over the years, Tom has become a Master at making S'mores.  He perfectly toasts two marshmallows until they're Just Right, and then slams them between two half-graham crackers sandwiched with half a Hershey chocolate bar.



But this year, he found something at the local grocery store that made them Even Better!


Yes.  FLAT marshmallows!

They're a little hard to get on the toasting stick* -- but they make the PERFECT marshmallow for S'mores.  (Quickly, too.)


Technology marches on!



* I think these marshmallows are specifically designed so you can make microwave-S'mores.  But that just seems somehow wrong to me.

LIVE . . . from Up North

Something has happened ... that we never thought would happen.  
(Our kids are extra-shocked.)  
(As in . . . "Never thought I'd see the day, Mom" shocked.)


We had wifi installed at our cottage up north!



We've always said that we didn't need (or want) communication or technology up at the cottage (which really did cause a lot of teenage grumping back in the day).  It's always been kind of nice . . . to just get away from things when we were up north.


In the last couple of years, Tom and I have spent more and more time driving into town and working in the local public library's parking lot (tapping into their wifi) to finish an assignment, check email, or submit an online grant with a summer due date.  


We finally gave in.

We had wifi installed at the cottage.


This means . . . 

We can stay up here for longer periods of time (because now we can actually work from the cottage).

We can watch Netlix in the woods.

And I can do real-time, up north blogging.

But no worries.  There's still plenty of time for this: