A Tale of Two Bags

My Summer Bucket List

Summer . . . 

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My goals this summer are really pretty simple.  I want to . . .

  1. Spend as much time as I can outside, soaking up the sun and enjoying the hot, summer air.  (It's what gets me through the winter.)
  2. Mix things up a bit in my garden beds.  Nothing drastic -- just moving a few things around and into better "spots."  (It happens.  Things grow differently - or bigger - than you first imagine.  And then you have to do a little housekeeping.)
  3. Plant a tree. (Or two).
  4. Visit faraway places.  (Kind of a no-brainer at this point, since I leave for Scotland and Ireland in a couple of weeks.)
  5. Enjoy some of my favorite places closer to home.  (Can you say Lake Michigan beaches?)
  6. Unplug from the Internet now and again.  (I give up.  I'm retreating back into my cave.)
  7. Sit outdoors and try more plein air watercolor painting.  (My latest art class - now complete - involved 4 weeks of painting plein air.  Intriguing.  But I need a lot more practice!)
  8. Bike the Kal-Haven Trail.  (Possible plans for this Friday.  Let's hope the weather cooperates.)
  9. Try a paddle board on our lake up north.  (I'm looking for an on-sale, low-end paddle board.  Because that's all I'd need.)
  10. Sit on the patio - or up at the lake - and watch the fireflies.  (My all-time favorite summer wonder.)

How about YOU?  What's on your summer bucket list?


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Lake Michigan beaches - nothing in the world compares to them. And, firefly watching - the best lazy summer pastime of all! I am envious of your Scotland/Ireland Trip! Great list :)


Great list! I love lightning bugs and some day I'm going to the Great Smoky Mountains to see the synchronous fireflies: https://www.nps.gov/grsm/learn/nature/fireflies.htm


Wonderful list and perfectly YOU. I'll join you for #10!


Perfect list! Old rail beds make great trails! I cannot wait for your trip!!


I am with you on the unplugging. I love to be in my outdoor "cave" with a good book. Enjoy your summer!


Your summer list is perfection! I'm going to relax and enjoy summer as much as possible! This is my time of year.


I love your list! Adventure + relaxation!

Kim in Oregon

Your summer sounds great. Are you checking Craig's list for paddleboards?


I love the part about soaking up the summer sun to get you through the winter. Did you ever read Frederick by Leo Lionni? (http://www.randomhousekids.com/books/detail/101916-frederick?isbn=9780394810409) highly recommend! Looks like you have a wonderful summer unfolding. I look forward to reading all about it!


Fireflies! I need to head east for some firefly watching; sadly there are none here in Denver.


A paddleboard is so fun! I'd like one too, but will make do with my kayak.

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