Between Thunderstorms
Improving on a Good Thing

LIVE . . . from Up North

Something has happened ... that we never thought would happen.  
(Our kids are extra-shocked.)  
(As in . . . "Never thought I'd see the day, Mom" shocked.)


We had wifi installed at our cottage up north!



We've always said that we didn't need (or want) communication or technology up at the cottage (which really did cause a lot of teenage grumping back in the day).  It's always been kind of nice . . . to just get away from things when we were up north.


In the last couple of years, Tom and I have spent more and more time driving into town and working in the local public library's parking lot (tapping into their wifi) to finish an assignment, check email, or submit an online grant with a summer due date.  


We finally gave in.

We had wifi installed at the cottage.


This means . . . 

We can stay up here for longer periods of time (because now we can actually work from the cottage).

We can watch Netlix in the woods.

And I can do real-time, up north blogging.

But no worries.  There's still plenty of time for this:



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I think with your current work arrangements this makes a lot of sense. I'm glad for me, too, both because it means you'll blog from there but also because it means I can use wifi there!


As you pointed out, the tricky part is using the wifi only when needed. Unless you get sucked in to reading lots of blogs lol!


You can enjoy the freedom having wi-fi gives you and still have your beautiful getaway.


Smart!! Especially the timing. Imagine the teenage grumpage if you'd HAD wi-fi but denied it. Here's to more time up north!!


This is a great thing! You can use it...or you can choose not too...and have fun doing what you've always done. (Except drive to the library!)


I think this is genius, and not because work... but Netflix! I mean priorities!! XO


yay! I see this completely as a way to enjoy more of what you love about getting away. and now you'll have only one reason to leave the cottage - provisions!


Still the cottage ... just a bit better. (And it's always fun to shock the kids once in a while!)

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