Right Now - May 2016

Intellectual Curiosity (Or Something Like That)

Carole sent this week's Ten on Tuesday prompt early this week.  Early enough, actually, for Tom and I to discuss it over a beer (well ... maybe a couple of beers) on Saturday night.

Ten Things We're Curious About.  Hmmmm.  That could go any number of ways. . . 

Tom's first thought:  Ten Things He'd Be Curious to TRY (mixed martial arts, peyote à la Carlos Castaneda, surfing. . .).

But I started thinking about the things that make my brain explode.  You know?  Those "curiosities" that just don't make sense?  (Even when someone explains them.*)

And, because beer was involved, Tom made a video.  Of my brain exploding. . . 


And with that . . . Here are Ten Things I'm (Intellectually?) Curious About:

  1. How is it possible that temperatures . . . so vastly different on the Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales . . . actually ARE THE SAME at -40 degrees?*
  2. Does "blue" look like the same "blue" to all color-sighted people?  (Substitute ANY COLOR here.)
  3. Chemistry.  (All of it.)  (Pretty much.)
  4. What is up with Schroedinger's cat.  (Alive? Dead? Neither?)
  5. How TV work? (Exactly.)
  6. And (along the same vein) . . . how can I record/DVR a program . . . when I'm watching another program.  (Or no program at all.)
  7. What made the First Knitter To Try Cables . . . try cables?
  8. Same with Turning the Heel?
  9. How did this happen with Trump? (Sorry.  I went there.)
  10. Does a tree falling in the woods make a sound . . . if there is no ear to hear it?

How about YOU?  What are you curious about?


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* Evidence of the explaining: