Right Now - May 2016

Intellectual Curiosity (Or Something Like That)

Carole sent this week's Ten on Tuesday prompt early this week.  Early enough, actually, for Tom and I to discuss it over a beer (well ... maybe a couple of beers) on Saturday night.

Ten Things We're Curious About.  Hmmmm.  That could go any number of ways. . . 

Tom's first thought:  Ten Things He'd Be Curious to TRY (mixed martial arts, peyote à la Carlos Castaneda, surfing. . .).

But I started thinking about the things that make my brain explode.  You know?  Those "curiosities" that just don't make sense?  (Even when someone explains them.*)

And, because beer was involved, Tom made a video.  Of my brain exploding. . . 


And with that . . . Here are Ten Things I'm (Intellectually?) Curious About:

  1. How is it possible that temperatures . . . so vastly different on the Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales . . . actually ARE THE SAME at -40 degrees?*
  2. Does "blue" look like the same "blue" to all color-sighted people?  (Substitute ANY COLOR here.)
  3. Chemistry.  (All of it.)  (Pretty much.)
  4. What is up with Schroedinger's cat.  (Alive? Dead? Neither?)
  5. How TV work? (Exactly.)
  6. And (along the same vein) . . . how can I record/DVR a program . . . when I'm watching another program.  (Or no program at all.)
  7. What made the First Knitter To Try Cables . . . try cables?
  8. Same with Turning the Heel?
  9. How did this happen with Trump? (Sorry.  I went there.)
  10. Does a tree falling in the woods make a sound . . . if there is no ear to hear it?

How about YOU?  What are you curious about?


See what everyone else is wondering about . . . here.


* Evidence of the explaining:



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Wait, what? -40 is the same in Celsius or Fahrenheit? Mind blown here too.

And as for the color question, apparently what we see can differ greatly, just ask the Pantone employees: http://www.geekwire.com/2015/watch-this-video-inside-the-pantone-color-factory/

Knitters are just genius, really - I think that is so true! (Except those that do not have stash - I am not sure they are really knitters...)


Schroedinger's cat...OMG what a rat hole that is! But man, I know I've learned something new today! :-) And I can't watch that explosion at work...but I'm sure there's something fun in my future!


What made the first knitter try knitting? Or even making yarn. If it had been me, then I think we'd all be wearing sheepskins with a hole cut for the head. I never would have conceived of making yarn, much less knitting with it.


After taking organic in college I became convinced that chemistry was just a big joke dreamed up by a bunch of old guys with beards and they were all having lots of laughs at our expense (atomic orbitals? steric hindrance? HA!). You may want three or more beers when Tom adds Kelvin to the next Fahrenheit and Celsius discussion, but please make sure there is video. This made my morning!


Hahahaaa... thanks for the laugh!

I think your 9 is most important and the fact you have to apologise putting it in and that everybody choose to ignore it is part of your answer I think....


When we got our first DVR and I was told I could pause live TV, I was totally stumped. I was afraid to pause a football game to go to the bathroom, thinking all the world would have to wait until I unpaused live TV! Kinda embarrassed to admit that.


Yes, yes, yes! All of those things! And I love your video. The chemistry and science-y things make my head 'splode, too. And the tree things makes me think of Dale's favorite expression: If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it . . . is a man still wrong?


Oh yes, great list, but I have wondered SO MANY times if the blue sky I can't stop looking at (and LOVING) is the same beautiful blue to everyone else AND, if not, WHY NOT!


Ahhh-so many imponderables on your list. Except Chemistry. That's just evil.


The enigmas of the universe. I am trying to forget these before they lead to insanity!


These are great. For me, I have always wondered how making linen from flax - a complicated, multi-step process, - was discovered/invented/stumbled upon. The minus forty issue (which it seems to me was mentioned in school at some point) always makes me think of the vanishing point of two parallel lines - but then engineering was never my strong point and there may be no correlation whatsoever.:-)


great list - Tom is such a fun collaborator! I'm always stuck on the international date line - I just can't get my head around traveling west and having it get earlier and earlier ...and then it's tomorrow!


Huh. My brain is exploding right now too.

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