A Tale of Two Bags

House Hunting - Garden View

My kitchen window looks out onto our patio with a view of my garden.  Every year, I hang two Boston ferns on either side of the window.  And, every year, a finch couple moves in - usually immediately - and raises their family in my ferns.  (Sometimes even a couple of families over the course of the summer.)

It's a nice, safe place for the finch family, and it does no harm to the ferns.  (It does freak me out, though, when I water the fern and the mother-finch flies out at me!)

FullSizeRender 88

This year, though?

No finches!

Usually, by this time, we've already had one family fly the coop (or fern, I should say). 

I was a bit concerned.  (I thought maybe the finches were boycotting me because I got rid of the Christmas wreath on my front door before they could nest there back in April.)

No worries, though!  Last night, I noticed Mr. and Mrs. Finch -- hopping around in one fern and then the other.  They were house hunting!  (I also saw them checking out the mugo pine in front of my living room window -- also looking out over the garden.  They definitely want a garden view!)

I'm not sure where they decided to nest yet -- but you can be sure I'll be a bit more cautious when I water my ferns today.

Have a great weekend!


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Hooray for birds and ferns! So, do you buy those ferns in the spring? Or are they house plants that you bring outside?


Haha. Nice! I'd love a garden view apartment! ;)


Great stuff! I'm pretty sure I've got a family on the driveway side again...the low rent district! Have a wonderful weekend!


You are a fine friend to the finches! We've got two new bird families in our birdhouses (boy, do those babies demand food loudly and endlessly!) and one nest in my Christmas cactus. Hope the finches choose their garden view soon and you have a wonderful weekend!


I love the finches in my neighborhood! They are the friendliest little souls - I love when they come and sit on the window sill of my office. They make me smile! Have a fantastic weekend XO


I love this post. Thanks for the smile.


What fun! we have finches dining in our yard, but none have decided to live there ... guess I need to get a fern!


Love this!!

My husband cut down all the stuff on the chimney where the birdies used to put their nest. I missed hearing their chirps coming down the flu.... and worried of course, that they would not find a place to nest. But they did - always adapting to another spot in the yard...

Linda in VA



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