A Tale of Two Bags

House Hunting - Garden View

My kitchen window looks out onto our patio with a view of my garden.  Every year, I hang two Boston ferns on either side of the window.  And, every year, a finch couple moves in - usually immediately - and raises their family in my ferns.  (Sometimes even a couple of families over the course of the summer.)

It's a nice, safe place for the finch family, and it does no harm to the ferns.  (It does freak me out, though, when I water the fern and the mother-finch flies out at me!)

FullSizeRender 88

This year, though?

No finches!

Usually, by this time, we've already had one family fly the coop (or fern, I should say). 

I was a bit concerned.  (I thought maybe the finches were boycotting me because I got rid of the Christmas wreath on my front door before they could nest there back in April.)

No worries, though!  Last night, I noticed Mr. and Mrs. Finch -- hopping around in one fern and then the other.  They were house hunting!  (I also saw them checking out the mugo pine in front of my living room window -- also looking out over the garden.  They definitely want a garden view!)

I'm not sure where they decided to nest yet -- but you can be sure I'll be a bit more cautious when I water my ferns today.

Have a great weekend!