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Right Now - June 2016

Help Yourself to the Salad Bar

There is a fence around my back yard.

IMG_1328 2

It's a big fence -- 8 feet in most places, although as low as 4 feet in others.  (There are some pretty significant slopes involved in my yard.)  I love the fence.  It provides privacy and a lovely setting for my garden.  (It's also nice for photographing knitwear.) 

Best of all, though?

It keeps out the deer.*

On the enclosed side of the fence . . . 

IMG_1327 2

Nice, healthy hosta plants.  Huge.  (These plants are 4 feet across.)  (And, yeah.  I need to get at the weeds again.  I know.)

On the other side of the fence?  In my front yard?

IMG_1322 2


Basically, I've given up when it comes to gardening in my front garden bed.  

IMG_1323 2

I call it the Salad Bar.  Help yourself, deer.  (Just stay away from my backyard.)


*  Last winter, a few deer hopped the short part of the fence and were running around in the back yard.  I'm hoping this doesn't become a habit.


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We don't have fences around here, so every yard is a salad bar! I was happy to learn that they don't like petunias, so my pots are actually still full of flowers. (my pine straw is, however, still full of deer poop, which Holly apparently loves...what is up with that?!) p.s. WELCOME BACK!


Beautiful green! And did the J-pups see the deer? That would have been interesting!


You know what I love? Seeing these photos now and picturing the WHOLE BIG yard and garden!


Here's the depressing info. I've learned from my wildlife management son: deer are often contained on ranches with what they call "high fence". High fence is 10-12 feet high; anything less and they can jump it surprisingly easily. I'm with Patty -- put the J-pups on patrol in the back yard!

Cheryl S.

Wow, those hostas are amazing!


I started a hosta bed this year and the deer started nibbling (ok, chomping) the leaves. A fence is not an option on our property so we sprayed a "deer-be-gone" type spray on all the plants and the deer are now leaving them alone. I'm not sure what's in this stuff but it smells an awful lot like urine.


I wish we had a fence like this! But my husband doesn't like fences for some odd reason!!!
Deer come through our yard all the time and eat any flowers we plant. So we've given up!
The fact that I put out apples for the deer every night might be a clue as to why they come every night - ha!

Linda in VA


I have salad bar on all sides of the house. Gave up a long time ago, but oddly they don't eat my gardinias. It took them five years to discover my hydrangeas...then they were reduced to, literally, sticks in the mud. Fencing this property would cost a pretty penny and require a jackhammer for the rock just below the grass. Thankfully our little city put up a community garden where all my real salad greens and other veggies reside. It's only about a mile away, which we pass driving in and out daily.

Your back yard is a treasure to behold. I second the motion for J-pup patrol!


There must be enough other stuff around that the deer leave my stuff alone, for the most part. Or it's such a jumble that I don't even notice when they've nibbled!! ;)


We have major deer problems here too, as in they are a moving garden demolition service! They love the hostas and impatiens the best here. Also, portulaca as I am discovering. They do not like lavender, mint, rosemary, oregano, parsley, and basil. So next year, my garden beds will include some fragrant herbs! Perhaps it will curtail their munching!

Your yard is gorgeous and what weeds! XO


Deer would be a problem I'd love to have. Our neighborhood dos have lots of bunnies!


I am very grateful we do not have deer. My new hosta bed looks amazing, but not as amazing (big) as yours! It's so nice to see you back in blogland.


Yeah, petunias! They are in the tobacco family, and deer are not nicotine-dependent. Even though we live in the woods and the deer are thick upon the ground (I seldom drive anywhere without seeing at least one), they have only eaten one of my hostas once.

::pounding on wood for luck::

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