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Oh man, I just read about that! My heart sunk, I held my breath, and determined that it was not likely the group that you've ridden with... so glad to see your post and know that you are safe. It is terrible... so sorry for those families. Stupid drunk drivers.


I saw that on the news this morning at 5:30am and immediately thought of you and was terrified. Then I checked and you had posted something on Facebook last night so I knew you were okay. Such a tragic loss.


I'm sorry to hear about the death and injury of so many riders, but I'm so glad that you are ok.


Shock, anger, profound sadness ... I am glad that you were not riding your bike with this group today, but I am very sad for all of the family and friends of those that were killed or injured, and for the bike riders in Kalamazoo and around the country that now feel less safe.


I did not know until I saw this. I am so sorry and sad. And glad that you're not part of this story. XO


oh ugh.... your little town has had more than its share of sorrow. hugs, my friend.


Words seem so inadequate when our world is shaken in such a destructive way. We stand with you in grief for those cyclists and in relief that you are safe.


I saw that and my heart dropped, until I realized that you had posted after this horrific tragedy happened. Then I was just left with deep sadness at the senselessness of this. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victims.

Denise Copeland

I recently read your post about your new bike, as well as the concerns about safety issues. I just saw a tragic headline about cyclists in your town, and needed to visit your blog to make sure you are safe.

I've been reading your blog for years. You inspire me. You entertain me and provide new perspectives. I enjoy your humor, your enormous capacity to share, and love of life, friends and family. Although I don't know you, I have the utmost respect for your character, integrity and creativity.

I am so very sad for what has happened - I am hoping that something positive can result from this tragedy.


Your city has had more than its share of horrible incidences in the past year. Senseless accidents are heartrending and heavy to carry. I hope you find peace today and a lot of joy to fill your heavy heart.

Sue N

OMG Kym how awful. Hugs xxx


This is such a terrible tragedy - I'm sorry - for you, for your community -- but most of all for those injured and the families of those who were killed. People are so fragile and so precious.


I had not seen that news (totally cut off from news all week, too busy). It makes me shudder for Younger Son, who is on something like Day 31 of commuting on his bike.

Years ago I was rear-ended by a commercial truck in Mpls. This was back in the day when the police came to every fender-bender. A couple in a car stopped to tell the police that they had been following the truck for blocks b/c it was being driven in such a reckless manner; they were pretty sure it was going to cause an accident and they wanted it known that the driver was clearly impaired.

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