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Tribute Ten

Last week, Tom and I hosted some Very Special Guests.



Carole and Dale.

Right here in Kalamazoo!

Carole isn't back home quite yet . . . so there is no Ten on Tuesday today.  But I decided to Ten on Tuesday anyway . . . in her honor.

A Tribute Ten . . . With Carole On Her Vacation:

1 - We laughed a LOT.  (Tom and Dale both know so many jokes.  So. Many.)

FullSizeRender 89

2 - We went Up North.


3 - Where some of us fished.  While others of us sat around and talked and maybe knit a few rows here and there.


4.  We swam.  Or, again, some of us swam.  While others of us worked on our tans.  (And sometimes chased duck families away.)


5.  We played games.  Tom and I introduced Carole and Dale to Pass the Pigs -- and let's just say that . . . Carole ran the table.  (She even rolled the elusive Leaning Jowler!)


6.  We visited the Lake Michigan beach.  And, yep.  It looks just like the ocean.  Without the salt.

FullSizeRender 88

7.  We did a pub crawl, Kalamazoo-style.  Someone was the Designated Driver.  (Guess who?)


8.  We listened to live music.  

FullSizeRender 88 copy

9.  And more live music.


10.  And generally had a great time wherever we went!


So much fun!

Thanks for visiting Kalamazoo, Carole and Dale!





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Looks like you had the perfect week! I can't believe Carole didn't know about the pig game before hand. Maybe she secretly practiced shaking a jowler? This post could truly be titled "A Great Time Was Had By All".


What a great time; it truly looks like the avalanche of fun that you warned us about!


I was feeling the pangs of homesickness for Michigan and then I learned Carole was heading there! It filled me with joy! It looks like she LOVED it! (Which does not surprise me at all!) This post should be the next Pure Michigan promo, just sayin'. XO


You guys really know how to have a good time!


What a wonderful visit and so much fun! It was a blast to follow along with your adventures.

Cheryl S.

Sounds fun! (We love Pass the Pigs!)


Would I be completely conceited to say this is the BEST blog post ever? Maybe I'll just say we had the best time ever! Michigan is beautiful and you and Tom are fabulous hosts! How is it, though, that I have a beer in my hand I practically EVERY photo?


Yay vacation with friends!! I'll bet they really loved "up north."


ahhh...looks like a GREAT time for everyone - what a treat to see two of my favorite bloggers together!

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