Something Sweet

Woo! Hoo! I Did It!

I did something really awesome last night.  

(But I have no photo documentation.)

(So here.  Check out the sunset from my front porch when I got home instead.)


What did I DO, you ask?


After two successful weeks of Bike Camp, I decided I was "ready" to attempt the Tuesday Night Women's Ride.

This means I . . . 

put the bike rack on my car,

loaded up my bike,

met up with this group of women I'd never seen before in my life,

(except the leader, and she was busy leading -- so I had to go it alone)

and took off.

For just over 21 miles.

Out into the Michigan countryside.

Past lakes, farms, woods.

4 deer, 3 turkeys.

A gorgeous setting sun.

Wildflower fields.

Road construction.


One squished turtle and 2 dead squirrels.

I did it.

I loved it.

(I wished I could've stopped to take photos.  But I had NO IDEA where we were . . . so I dared not stray from the pack.)

Woo! Hoo!