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Welcome to the Neighborhood

Today - on Tuesday - we're talking about welcoming new neighbors.  I'm thinking there will be plenty of lists with great welcoming tips:  food, flowers, offers, information.

So I'm going to go off the grid a bit.  And tell you what NOT to do to welcome your new neighbors.  (And this is A Biggie.)

Do NOT let your dog meet your new neighbors before you do.


(You can read all about this Real-Life, Personally-Mortifying Incident as it happened right here.)

In short, my welcome list looks a little different than it used to:

  1. Practice SIT. STAY. COME. more vigilantly.
  2. Do all you can to keep your overly enthusiastic dog from bowling down new neighbors - who just happen to step out of their car to introduce themselves.
  3. Especially keep your dog from jumping into the open door of their car.
  4. And, really, keep them from freaking out the new neighbor children (who are unaccustomed to dogs of any type, and especially big, happy dogs).
  5. Get the dog OUT OF THERE as quickly as you can.
  6. Apologize.
  7. Apologize.
  8. Apologize.
  9. Take them a plate of brownies.  (WITHOUT dog in tow.)
  10. Apologize.

I'm still apologizing.  They give me a very wide berth.  (Crazy dog neighbor who also gardens in the rain, hangs hand knits on the fence for photoshoots, AND encourages bees. . . )  

(You should have seen their faces when they realized we got ANOTHER dog. . .)

(They remain pet-less.)  (But did have another child.)

How about YOU?  How do you welcome new neighbors to your neighborhood?


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I'll bet soon those kids will wish they lived at your house. :-)


Excellent advice! Your "welcome waggin'" incident, while mortifying, is also hilarious! There is something to be said for being the crazy dog neighbor who does interesting things . . .


Hahahaha! The flip side of the story is always beneficial.


Hahahahaha! OMG, perhaps can I borrow Jenny with a few of my neighbors!


We try to keep our dog from barking at theirs lol!


Well as long as Jenny liked them, I would have been more concerned if the new neighbors had not passed muster...Your Jenny looks like a lovey dog...


Oh yes, we have neighbors who are not so happy about having a dog come anywhere near them. Jenny has the sweetest face. How could she not charm someone?


Our dog barks at any one that comes to the door, or walks in front of the house, when she is inside. Sounds like a killer, then let her at them and she will lick them to death! On the street or if they come in the house, she just wants to be their best friend. If she hurt them, it would be from trying to get closer to them, so I get your list! :) I'm working on her remaining calm with the 3 young girls down the street. :)
Loved your post.

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