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Something Sweet

I try to be really disciplined.

And I generally look away when it comes to dessert.


Oh my.

I really love a good dessert!  



(Brian and Lauren's wedding cake.  YUM!)

And sometimes, well.  My sweet tooth wins!

My favorites?

  1. Pavlova - Light and just a teeny-tiny bit chewy and oh-so-perfect with whipping cream and fruit.  (Perfection.)
  2. Fruit tart - Another light and fruity favorite!  (Mmmm.)
  3. Sticky Toffee Cake - Not usually pretty to look at . . . but pretty fabulous to eat!  (Mouth watering.)
  4. Hot Fudge Brownie Sundaes -- Rich and delicious home-baked brownies topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge.  (So. Good.)
  5. Creme brûlée -- With or without fruit.  (I always want to lick the bowl.)
  6. Gelato -- Plain.  Almost any flavor.  (But especially hazelnut.)
  7. Carrot Cake -- With nuts, but please hold the pineapple.  (The cream cheese frosting is non-negotiable.)
  8. Pie -- Fruit pie of almost any kind -- but especially peach, cherry, or apple.  (À la mode, please.)
  9. Lemon bars (or, really, Lemon-Almost-Anything) -- A little bit sweet, a lot bit tangy.  (And always perfect.)
  10. Chocolate malt -- The way to Tom's heart.  (Only chocolate will do for him.  And heavy on the malt!)

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How about YOU?  What are your favorite desserts?


See what everyone else has to say here.  (And prepare yourself for mouth-watering goodness!)



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I saw a tweet a recipe for Pavlova recently, and the recipe looked fairly simple and delicious. I have never had the pleasure of having one, but I am strongly considering!! And, we used to go to a restaurant/diner in Milwaukee (Solly's) and I always got a chocolate malt, double the malt. It went perfectly with their incredible sliders! Great list, Kym! XO


Oh, yes, lemon bars! Neal's favorite is carrot cake...I leave out the coconut when I bake it!


YUMMYYYY! I've never had Pavlova, but I just know that I'd love it -- and I'm really interested in MAKING it! Fruit tart, Gelato, Lemon bars, CHOCOLATE MALT... it's no wonder we get along. ;)


I need to get out more...I've never even heard of Pavlova! It does look good though. I'm with you all things lemon. And carrot did I leave that off the list!


I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I do love creme brulee and lemon meringue or ANYTHING meringue!


I commented that I like anything rhubarb on Carole's blog, then remembered how much I love almost anything lemon, especially lemon custard ice cream!


So many yummy desserts!


Can't go wrong choosing a dessert from your list.


Generally speaking, I will pick another cocktail or glass of wine over dessert. That said, sometimes you just have to do it!


My list is almost the same...and in the same order, but pie ranks higher than carrot cake. I've never had a chocolate malt!

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