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Taking a Risk


I started out this blogging week wondering why the month of May... always seems to bite me in the butt.

It really has been a brutal couple of weeks in terms of busy-ness.  Mostly with things that are fun and enjoyable -- but that get to be a bit... much... when layered on top of each other, all at once.

I'm feeling pushed and pulled and in desperate need of some replenishment right now.

When I woke up and walked into my bathroom this morning, though, I saw THIS on the wall... 


it was a good reminder to me.  About perspective.

Yes.  Life gets busy and feels crazy sometimes.

But.  Life is also grand.  And what makes it interesting, really, is all those bumps in the road and unexpected side trips and detours.  

The sparkle in my bathroom this morning reminded me to shift my perspective just a bit.

Today, I'm going to embrace my life -- the busy and the fun and the obstacles, alike -- and make sure I keep my eyes open to see the sparkle!

Have a great weekend.


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Gorgeous! My bathroom usually just reminds me that I should clean it more often, but yours says something much better. Enjoy your weekend and new perspective!


Hm. I'm thinking that I need to put a stained glass window someplace...
Happy weekend, Kym!


Oh wow! Great photo, Kym! And for the record - my bathroom and photos are verboten! I am sure there is a written edict about it somewhere! Have a great weekend! XO


You see the sparkle and I'll focus on should be a sparkly, conscious weekend!


Here's to changing that perspective...shoulders back, head held high...there are things sparkling all around! Have a great weekend! xo


This reminds me of my favorite line from a Mary Oliver poem.
"Everyday I see or hear
that more or less

kills me
with delight,..."


That's a beautiful photo, I love those colors. Glad you're feeling more calm.


what lovely reminders (both words and the picture :-) to kickoff the weekend. I always appreciate your perspective, Kym!


That's a great picture

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