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Let the Good Times Roll

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Once upon a time, a little boy was born.

Baby Dad

He grew up with his little sister (and, eventually, his little brother) on a farm in Illinois.  He worked hard, wasn't terribly fond of school, and always loved tinkering with things.

Dad and Aunt Nancy

He grew up and fell in love with a girl from Innisfail, Alberta.

Scan 21

They got married, and had two daughters.  There were pets and cars and houses and moves and friends and hobbies and adventures all crammed in there.  

Family shot - age 10
Eventually, there were sons-in-laws and grandchildren, too.

Family 1996

Life .. . was good.

And 80 years passed . . . in the blink of an eye!


Happy birthday, Dad!

Let the good times roll.






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Happy Birthday, Kym's Dad! I love your old photos and how I can see your Dad's same smile in his boyhood years and see you in your Mom's photos. I hope your Dad enjoys a great day today and a wonderful year ahead!


Happy Birthday! And I too see the family resemblance all over the place! Here's to many more happy and healthy years for your Dad and Mom!


Time does go by too quickly! It looks like your dad has had a good life full of beautiful women and lots of busy fun! Here's to him! Happy 80th!!


You're so lucky you still have your parents, Kym! Don't you just love old family photos? Your Dad's smile hasn't changed a bit...and you're the "spittin' image" of your Mom. Happy birthday, Kym's Dad...may you enjoy many more years of friends, family, pets, hobbies and adventures...all crammed in!


what a wonderful tribute ... so many happy memories and great family photos!


Happy Birthday greetings to your Dad! Enjoy!


Happy Birthday to your dad! He and your mom look like a wonderful couple.

P.S. I'm so jealous of you, having both of your parents around to spend time with.


Hey your Mom's from Innisfail??? That is just up the road!! Happy Birthday to your Dad...tell him he picked good, strong, Alberta stock!!! :)
L.O.V.E. your blog!


Great pictures in this post and Happy 80th Birthday to your dad! I feel like I know him from all of the stories you have shared. I'm grateful for the happy childhood he and your mom gave you.


It took me a few minutes to figure out who was who in the family photo! Love the vintage pictures!


Fantastic! Happy Birthday to you fabulous dad!!


Yours is a beautiful family. Such a blessing they are. Happy day and best wishes to your dad!

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