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Garden Surprise

A few years ago, when my "one little word" was SURPRISE, I made a little paving brick for my garden.

FullSizeRender 88 copy

Even though I know it's out there in my herb garden, I'm always, well . . . surprised . . . when I discover it again as I put in my herbs for another season.  

It's a great way to remind myself to always be open to the surprises that happen in the garden. . . 

cilantro that seeds itself everywhere

toads that look just like dirt

weeds that actually throw seeds as you pull them

tarragon that made it through the winter

impatient robins who wait next to you for worms while you dig

what in the world THAT plant is

Good things, all.  (Except those annoying seed-spewing weeds.)

I planted my herb garden yesterday.

FullSizeRender 89 copy

And I'm really hoping NOT to be surprised by unpleasant weather-surprises.  

(Like frost.)  

(I know.)


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I have my Tarragon in a container, and this is her 3rd season to return. Those lovely soft leaf spears are the most beautiful shade of pale green. I am hoping we have seen the last of the frosty type of weather for a LONG time!


I planted bail for the second time yesterday. I think it will now thrive, although our weather is still wet and gloomy. Your herbs are going to be so beautiful when they grow up!


It looks like we may be in the clear! Everything looks so nice Kym. I'll be picking up the herb plants tomorrow!


You are inspiring me after the discouragement of two blizzards!


There better not be any more FROST!!


Your herb garden is beautiful! We planted basil and parsley yesterday, along with tomatoes and jalapenos and cucumbers. Sooooo exciting!


your herb garden already looks beautiful...I'll bet it smells good too. wishing you only the good surprises this week! xo.


My herb garden is (sometimes) a basil plant in a sunny window. I salute you.

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