Woo! Hoo! I Did It!
Between Thunderstorms


It's time . . . for Book Bingo 2016 . . . 

I printed my card yesterday:

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.21.24 PM

I think there's a lot of good potential - and a lot of freedom - in my card.  Because the thing I struggle with, when it comes to Book Bingo, is reading something I don't really enjoy or want to read -- just to "get the square."  I'm most worried about the "mythological creature on the cover" (because not a fantasy fan)* and "pretended to read" (because not my style).

Grab your own BINGO card here . . . and join the fun!

Let's Book-Bingo the summer away!


* Feel free to suggest any books with mythological creatures on the cover.  (This one might just do me in.)


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Printing my card out as I type! I am in. As for your book - try Game of Thrones by George RR Martin - it has a dragon on the cover!


ooohhh, you do have some good squares! If I had that square, I'd read Sorcerer to the Crown - heard wonderful things about it...even though it's fantasy!


That's a great card with a lot of wiggle room. I believe (because you taught me) in wide interpretations of squares. I'm sure we can come up with a mythical creature, I'll get right on it! I really wanted the square about The Gilmore Girls but it didn't come up on mine.


It looks like you have some good squares on your card. I would be stumped by "pretended to read" and am glad I didn't get that one!


I've got my card too. I'll be challenged by "that scares you". Whaaaat...I don't like to be scared! :-)

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

Skip the fantasy realm if that's not your bag and read a book about Greek Mythology! I'm sure there's one with a picture of a mythological creature on the cover. (Check out the children's or YA section of the library. And no, it's not cheating to read a children's book for book bingo.)

Kim in Oregon

There's a Harry Potter book with a hippograff on the cover (sp?).I am doing this for the first time!


Greek mythology FTW!


After a quick peek at your gr "to-read" shelf, maybe Pax or Mr. Splitfoot might work (if you took a little license with mythological creature)? I'd call the ravens on Raven Black mythological enough for me, or maybe even Arcadia if butterflies count. When I get home from CO, I'm going to print my card (hoping for one very similar to yours), and then take LOTS of license to fit books into my squares!


I'm considering...haven't quite talked myself into BINGO because there are so many books already in my queue, both must read and want to read. Maybe I'll print a card (or two) and see what pops up. Good luck!


Well, I've printed a card and maybe I'll get a BINGO this year... I've already read more books this year than I have in quite a few. And I am a HUGE fan of wise & loose interpretations! Can't wait to see how you fill in some of those squares (we share a few).

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