LIVE . . . from Up North

Between Thunderstorms

It's Friday, so let's step out into my garden and see what's going on.

(But we'll have to move quickly -- before another thunderstorm moves in.)


This is a bloom on my Satori dogwood tree.  Sadly, there are not many of them this year.  (I think the timing of one of our late spring freezes interruped the bloom-formation.)  I'm just going to have to enjoy the few blooms that made it all the more!


I'm really happy with my allium-floating-over-hosta corner.  I was inspired to try this after my visit to the Chicago Botanical Garden last spring (they had acres of this sort of thing), so I planted a bunch of allium bulbs in the fall . . . and here we are!  Just what I'd hoped for.


I love clematis -- I have several varieties in my garden, and they'll be blooming at various stages throughout the garden for the next couple of weeks.  


And this?  It is a garden "gift" from my neighbors -- popping up this year in the "no-mans-land" behind their pool and hanging over my fence to bloom.  (Many nasty weeds in my garden come from this untamed, woodsy-area behind my neighbor's pool.)  My research shows that this is likely wild hydrangea  -- and, apparently, it "suckers freely" in wooded areas.  (At least the blooms are lovely.)  (And way better than their "gifts" of poison ivy and bindweed.)


And check out this strange, new "bloom"!  I'm really excited to add this new purple trellis to my garden this year.  It comes from local artist Lin McIntosh, and adds a delightful touch of whimsy to this border.  Nice pop of color now -- and will be perfect once this area (mostly salvia) begins to bloom (probably next week).

I'm planning to spend plenty of time out in my garden this weekend.  Hope you get a chance to enjoy a lovely weekend, too.