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Attitude Adjustment: May Day! May Day!

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There's something about May.

I mean. . . I always expect Trouble in December.  I just know - and accept - that December will be Impossible.  Too many activities and too many obligations and too many things to keep track of on the to-do list.

But May?

May always seems to surprise me.

I used to blame kids and school and activities.  You know . . . all those "year-end" things to tie up -- with the added bonus of spring sports.  Field trips.  Awards ceremonies.  Spring concerts.  Final projects.  Exams. Late games. Rain outs. Prom. Fidgety kids.

But I don't have kids at home anymore.  I can't blame school.  No one here is taking any exams.  Or going to Prom.

But May is kicking me in the butt again anyway.  

And I never seem to see it coming.

Suddenly, it's light until 9:00.  My garden is exploding.  The "up north" place is open again.  I have a bike.  The dogs want to run.  Drinks are served -- outside.  

I want to Plant All The Things.  I want to Go All The Places.  I want to Do It All.  

I am overwhelmed.

I blame May.

Does this happen to anyone else???

What I really need is an attitude adjustment.  I need to keep my face to the sun (assuming I can find it) and just . . . 

slow down

step back


roll with it.

May is busy, sure.  But it's also grand!

(Let's get out of the shadows, shall we?)


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Yes, this also happens to me! I spend all winter wishing for warm weather and then realize how much there is to do outside once it arrives. We planted two vegetable gardens last weekend, mowing and weed whacking today, and I still have lots of flower bed planting to do. Let's make sure we take time to enjoy a beer on the porch!


Yep. And that's why I just hired someone to edge all the beds and do some mulching for me.


Definitely YES!!! My kids are grown, but we still have too many obligatory events this month due to community "things" we're involved with, a surgery (husband's), 2 weddings, a trip, a out-of-state first communion...and then there's the yard! I wait all winter to get out there, but it's like caring for a second getting outdoor furniture cleaned and ready to go. And where to find the time for my piano lessons, sewing, knitting, reading...not to mention all the day-to-day "stuff" like cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.? I'm super organized, but struggle to balance it all - and always feel behind listening to the many "accomplishments" of others. But the bottom is damn good so stop bitchin", Maureen!


I go through the same anxiety every May and fret over how to get it all done. This year, I'm dealing with grief-my mom passed away at the end of March. We put her house on the market and it sold in 6 hours, so we have been busy moving things out of her house into our houses so we can go through everything over the next few months. I haven't had time to do much of anything in the garden and it has become a weedy mess. Last week I hired a young man to weed and mulch and I felt such relief. I'm embracing some of what you recommend, mainly slowing down, rolling with it, and being grateful for each day.


We had sun yesterday and it was paralyzing! In a good way! We've got home improvement stuff beginning and flowers that need splitting and a trip to the Cape. I want to do it all too!


Thanks for saying this out loud!!!


OMG, YES!! Suddenly, it's SUMMER and there's a crushing need to wring out every free minute of every day for everything it's worth... WHILE IT LASTS!! We live in the north, after all. ;)


So true! And it gets even more hectic if the weather is yucky (which it is here).


Yes, a huge resounding YES! So, how about we remind each other to enjoy each day - whether it is sunny or not!


MAY! When I was teaching there was so much to do this time of year as we pushed toward summer. I thought retirement would make May all sunshine and flowers. Instead it is end year functions for volunteer organizations, 6 birthdays and two anniversaries! And the weather can be fickled making me anxious the fulfill my garden plans. But oh how lucky I am to let the sunshine rest on my face and welcome a walk on the beach.


You nailed it!


It's been dreary, wet, and chilly all month and I'm ready for some sun! We haven't even had a minute to plant the garden with all the rain! We just had 1/2" sized hail! Bring on the busy summer, I'm ready!


my May is actually turning out to be pretty quiet... and it's good. I like having a chance to catch my breath before Memorial Day, and then full-on summer. Apparently not gardening is quite helpful in this regard ;-)

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