Poetry Friday
Only Ten?

What a Difference 6 Days Makes!

Last weekend?

FullSizeRender 77




Tom running in 20ºF.


Somewhat desperate for spring.


This weekend?

FullSizeRender 77 copy


Blue skies.

Perfect weather.

Getting a little sunburned.


So grateful for such a quick turnaround!


Spring.  So bad when it's bad.  But so good when it's good!


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That's the best kind of turnaround there is! SO glad you got to enjoy great weather!


A little bit of sunburn does a body good! Here is to nice weekends!


Spring is really showing off in SLC. Even a few days of rain didn't dampen it's review! So glad to see you had some warmth and some fun in the sun!


Jealous! I want to a weekend knitting retreat in the mountains and watched the snow fall...and fall...and fall. Of course, we actually got a lot of knitting done, and almost no retail therapy! In Denver the crab apple trees were in bloom . Along with the loss of a crab apple crop, most of the trees are broken and hurt. The sun will come out tomorrow...no wait, the sun will come out on Thursday lol!


Glad to see you're enjoying and celebrating spring with bikes and beers!


We saw some snowflakes a week or so ago - but real quick - and then they were gone. Nice weather around here. Going to get too hot tomorrow! I don't like hot weather. Around 65 to 70 is good for me - LOL! The tree pollen is about to do me in. But I'm still keeping the windows open and going for my walks!

Linda in VA


ZOOM! Good bye winter, hello SUMMER. 79F is the forecast here today. CRAZY.


YaY!!! love that new bike...can't wait to see where it takes you these next few months :-)

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